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Start a Business Today (and I Will Help You)

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When I started Lazy Man and Money, I started it with the idea that I would explore opportunities to make more money and retire early. I still remember one of my second posts was about a condohotel in Vegas that I was interested in buying into. I thought it was in interesting investment because you own a condo, but rent it out like a hotel... almost like many people are doing with full time AirBnB places today.

It was too much money to get in and fortunately I didn't get involved in that mess. I don't think they ever got it off the ground.

What I didn't realize is that I had started a business without even knowing it. It would be 6 months or more until I read somewhere that you can make $100 a month blogging. I lost my poop. I was thinking, "Wait, you mean what I'm doing anyway can pay for electric bill? Sign me up!"

It is 8 years later, and I'm still making money from a blog. The money is a little like reverse Moore's Law. Every couple of years, I have to work twice as hard to make half as much money. Still personal finance blogging has helped me in many ways.

What I realized is that I could start a business, if I didn't think of it as starting a business. I simply grabbed a domain name and got started. If I had stopped to think about all the things that had I'd have to do to have a successful blog, my head would spin and I'd never have gotten started. After all, perfect is the enemy of good, especially when it comes to entrepreneurism.

I'm not sure what is the best business to get started in. With the Moore's Law mention above, I'm not sure I can advise to getting into blogging if you want to make money. However, I can see any number of side gigs that could use a website. For example, a dog walking service could use a website.

I realize that some people don't know where to get started with a website. If that's you I can help you get started shoot me an email. I've built a few websites in my time. Most recently, I've been working on a website for a friend's optometry business. And as a reader of Lazy Man and Money, I'll give you a super good rate. Just promise not to spread it around.

Last updated on October 14, 2014.

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2 Responses to “Start a Business Today (and I Will Help You)”

  1. I guess I’ll just shut my blog down now then. Hehe.

    Good luck with your new website side gig.

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