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Sick and Spendy – and Personal Finance Links

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I've had a bad cold the last few days. Then again, I can't remember when I've had a good cold. Either way, it's sucked out my desire to do much of anything. Ever be really bored, but at the same time not feeling like doing something? That's me over the last few days.

I have been a little spendy lately. Yesterday Major League Baseball tickets went on sale. Being a Red Sox fan living near Oakland, my wife and I were able to get some prime tickets in the first two minutes they came on sale. It's light and day compared to when I lived in Boston and had to call for three hour for any tickets (getting shut out). The equivalent tickets in Fenway would probably have cost $150-200. Fortunately the Red Sox are only coming to town for three games this year.

Then yesterday, I used Craigslist to pick up this Weber Genesis Propane Gas Grill. It was brand new sealed in the box and only $300 - a savings of some $450 dollars. (And I spent most of today putting it together instead of publishing this post.

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5 Responses to “Sick and Spendy – and Personal Finance Links”

  1. Sam says:

    Feel better soon!

  2. SG says:

    If you want cheap tickets, go to a Marlins game. You can get 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas and good game for $80. Considering there are 162 games in a baseball season, I think it is better to just get to the park to buy tickets, you can always get them on the cheap.

  3. kosmo says:

    A friend of mine is a Yankee fan. Instead of flying to NYC last year to attend a game, they drove to Kansas City instead (Royals/Yankees). They went to 3 games over the course of a weekend. They had a great time and kept the spending under control.

    Lazy – in case you want to avoid DH aftertaste, there is an NL park in your metro area.

  4. Craigslist has been awesome lately for high-end stuff. People are clearing out some really great stuff to pay off debt! I picked up a high-end receiver that Amazon had for $1800 for $1100 cash. Don’t regret it one bit, either — it sounds great! And the HDMI is really useful — our old receiver was from 2000 and didn’t support it.

    Hard to justify buying stuff new when you can pick it up on craigslist for so little. This is one of the best things about the Bay Area.


  5. Craig says:

    That’s the exact mood I am in now because of my ongoing cold. Bored, but have no energy to workout, read, do anything except sit like a bum. Have spent more money than I would have liked on over the counter meds too.

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