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Shopping Online vs. Purchasing in a Store

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There was a time when I believed shopping to be the same as purchasing.  I could almost use them synonymously in a sentence.  I'm betting that much of America feels the same way today.

I have changed.  I now evaluate what I buy with a lot more scrutiny than I did in the past.  Largely, this is due to the amount of information available on the Internet.  I get reviews and reviews before I make a purchase.  The higher the price, the more searching I'll do.  I found by the time I'm done doing all the searching, there's enough doubt in my mind (not everyone like every product) that I decide not to make purchase.

In the past, I might go to the mall on a Saturday just to get out of the house.  Inevitably, I'd find myself in Macy's buying some clothes that I didn't really need.  By doing all my research online first, I find I don't make that many impulse buys.

Posted on January 24, 2007.

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One Response to “Shopping Online vs. Purchasing in a Store”

  1. Martin says:

    I am the same way. I search for reviews and deals until I find that one deal that I can’t pass up. Then I think to myself, there has to be a better deal out there than this. And here is where I go wrong. I either talk myself out of the product, or in going to buy the product, I find something better I want and impulse buy.

    I do do a lot of my shopping online (90% or so), and I found in doing it online, I keep away from going to the store and seeing newer and shinny products that I want to buy.

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