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Shaw’s Monopoly “Scam”…

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I usually reserve Friday for exposing an MLM/pyramid scheme scam, but today I thought I'd take a lighter-natured look at different kind of "scam." I'm putting it in quotes, because I'm not sure many people intelligent people are tricked by it. It also doesn't directly cost them any money. However, it does fall into the category of a "confidence game."

In New England, one of the biggest grocery stores is Shaw's. Following on the heals of McDonald's popular Monopoly game, Shaw's has launched their own Monopoly game. For some reason, I didn't notice it last year. This year, it caught my attention.

It's a bit of a kooky game. It doesn't have properties that you collect like McDonalds. Instead it has pieces such as 122C and 187J. They don't limit you to collecting 2 or 3 pieces, but it varies. The big prizes have 6 pieces to collect.

That's not why I'm writing the article today. I'm writing it for two reasons:

You Have Almost Zero Chance of Winning Shaw's Monopoly Game

I think everyone knows from the McDonalds' game that there's a rare piece. That's what limits the company (I should say the insurance company) from paying out billions of dollars.

As Savings Advice points out McDonalds doesn't pay out the million dollars very often. They explain why in detail, but the gist is:

1) The Boardwalk piece may never get shipped to a store... they make more pieces than necessary so they don't run out before the end of the game.
2) It may never get served to a customer.
3) The customer may never open the piece.
4) The customer may throw away Boardwalk not realizing it is the magic piece.
5) They have to go get the easy Park Place place as well.

The last two are probably not too limiting, but the first three are. It's a little scammy (as in "confidence game"), but not the kind of thing I'd waste my time writing about.

So let's get to the Shaw's version of the game...

When you spend a certain dollar amount or buy special Monopoly ticket items you get game pieces. Every time I have gone to Shaw's, they ask me if I'm playing the game before giving me the game pieces. They aren't automatically served to customers. From what I've seen, I'd estimate that 80% of customers reject the game pieces.

I figured I'd play the game. Figuring that there are rare pieces like McDonalds, I went on a search for a list of the rare pieces. Fortunately, Boston on Budget had what I was looking for.

However, I found something I wasn't expecting... for the bigger prizes there appear to be TWO rare pieces.

We just covered how hard it is to find Boardwalk... and people know to look for it. People don't know to look for 107A... pieces aren't getting consistently served... customers may throw it out. They have to collect 6 total pieces.

But then they have to find the rare 105A piece as well.

(All this is according to Boston on Budget's list, which comes with the disclaimer that I can't verify the information.)

It is almost like having to pitch a perfect game in baseball and then them saying, "Well now you need to go out and pitch a no-hitter."

Therein lies the scam/confidence game. The image you see above of $80,000,000 in prizes is tempting consumers to come in and play. It even tempts them to buy products that they might not otherwise to earn extra game pieces. Yet Shaw's will very likely only pay out a small percentage of the money... and I highly doubt they pay out the million.

I'd be more harsh on the scam, but with so few playing the game, it doesn't seem to be a big temptation.

However, perhaps the real reason I'm writing this is because I decided to play the game in hopes of getting one of the small prizes. I thought I might even be lucky enough for an instant winner prize similar to the free food that McDonalds gives away.

I was lucky. I pulled one of the instant winner prizes:

I was a winner of something that literally had no cash value.

I do love Shaw's response to rub a little more salt in the wound with the #BePositive hashtag:

Update (3/9/2015)

I've been in good contact with Shaw's Twitter account. They saw the article are responded with:

This lead to:

Which naturally lead to:

So I decided to take them up on their invitation to look at the prizes that were given out last year. In fact, I put them in a spreadsheet so I could add them all up.

Before I go any further, I want to highlight that not all prizes are listed there. There are many smaller prizes and the odds are here. Shaw's made that point, but it isn't exactly clear if that's the 2014 or 2015 numbers. If I had to guess I'd say it is 2015 due to the copyright at the bottom (2015).

However, they only pointed me to that page of prizes claimed, so I can only go on that. To the best of my knowledge I have no way of knowing how many $25 grocery gift cards were awarded.

What's interesting is that this Playmonopoly.us is not Shaw's website. It appears as if the game is run across the grocery chain's many brands. This means that it is possible they could limit winners by shipping different rare pieces to different geographic regions and pairing them with the "more rare" pieces to other chains.

All that said, I'm going to present the data from the link they suggested a few different ways.

Of the "over $55,000,000 in prizes and money saving offers":

Overall: There were 77 people who won $600,500 in prizes represented on the page.

Winnings from game pieces: There appear to be 63 people who won a total of $73,500.

Second Chance Winnings: One person won $500,000 which only came into play as a second chance winning because none of the top 6 prizes were claimed. (the rare pieces on Boston on Budget no one won when there were two rare pieces... just as one would expect and as I wrote.

My analysis is that a little more than 1% of the over 55 million in prizes was awarded. The amount won from game pieces themselves appears to be 0.13% of the marketed $55 million number. (Again, this all comes with the caveat that it doesn't include smaller prizes.)

I'm not one to nitpick, but at this point I figure I'm in for a penny, why not be in for a pound? Of the $100,500 in non-second chance prizes awarded, $42,000 or 42% of it was in the form of groceries or gift cards. It's a fine prize and actually what I was hoping to win when I decided to play the game. However, it is worth noting that the $42,000 is value to consumers, not the value that Shaw's has to pay. We know that it is much cheaper for McDonalds to give out free food than cash. No one thinks it costs McDonalds $1.25 for a soda or a $1.50 for fries... we are all smart enough to understand margins, right?

Last updated on March 9, 2015.

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55 Responses to “Shaw’s Monopoly “Scam”…”

  1. Sowmya says:

    Totally agree with you that the probability is very little I played in 2014 and am playing now.. Haven’t won anything, quite tiring to see that only the rare ones have been left out then and now. Really would like to win something..

  2. Rainwalker says:

    I play because my girl friend shops there, and I am retired.Entered the online codes,and after many (sorry it’s not a winner), I finally got a code that was a winner,actually 2. So I downloaded the form, and taped the matching code to the form, twice, gave them to my girl friend, and low and behold, after all that work we got 2 free tickets per code, I could not believe that was the prize, it cost me money in paper, and ink, and that was the prize, not even a jar of jelly, or a dozen eggs.As a post script, I did have an instant winner for a jar of smuckers, but she left without the jelly, and does not remember if she gave her the winning game piece, I had them all paper clipped together. It is a lot of trouble for nothing.

  3. Andrew says:

    Here’s the thing: I’m shopping there anyway. The game pieces cost me nothing, and provide a momentary entertainment. Perhaps I win, although probably not, and almost certainly not a life-changing large prize. But in the meanwhile, I haven’t spent money I wouldn’t have, and unlike McDonald’s version, I can buy decent food. No promises have been made to me, and given the proliferation of real ripoffs targeting people out there, I think ‘scam’ is a little bit harsh.

    • Lazy Man says:

      Andrew, that’s why included it in quotes and wrote at the beginning that it was “lighter-natured look.” Some people may not shop there anyway and it might influence the products they buy (especially because some products earn free tickets).

      I can easily imagine someone thinking, “Hey Pepsi comes with a ticket, but is 20 cents more than the Coke this week… I’ll take that ticket.”

      And while no promises are made, I find the marketing of 55 million in prizes (last year) and 80 million in prizes this year worthy of calling it a confidence game when it seems like they don’t actually pay out nearly that much.

      Also, instead of choosing to be transparent and post the details of the winnings online, they make you write in as if it is 1987.

  4. Beau says:

    This is a terrible post and mostly click bait. Nothing about this is a scam. It’s just low chances of winning. I’ve already won a fairly decent price from Shaw’s game.

    • Lazy Man says:

      I don’t see how anyone would call this click bait as it a region brand that my national audience would not know.

      And yes it explains the low chances of winning in contracts to the scam/confidence game of those playing expecting that they’ll give out 80 million dollars in prices when they don’t.

      Your own personal winnings are not indicative of the prizes won in general. A person winning the lottery doesn’t make a fair case for playing the lottery in general.

      Also, your anonymous handle only cast doubt on your claims.

      Next time, please debate points made in the article. If you think it isn’t a scam, please explain why it isn’t a “confidence game/scam”. Fair?

  5. margy says:

    We should find out what the rare pieces are and connect through the internet to get a real winner and then split the prize!

  6. Jeremy says:

    I don’t really see this as a scam; as someone said I’m shopping there anyway, and this is groceries and other essentials this isn’t meaningless, wasting your money purchases. Honestly this is less shady than the McDonald’s version because I don’t NEED (and probably shouldn’t) to go get food at McDonald’s, but my twice a week trips to pick up groceries, laundry detergent, cat food etc are pretty legit requirements of being a functional being in society, a few free game pieces? Oh that’s cool thanks, so I probably won’t ever win something… not a big deal.

  7. Lori J says:

    its not a scam i have won prizes from this game last year and as well as this year.

  8. ljh says:

    Pretty much anything Shaw’s does could be considered a scam. Even their sale prices. I know, so many people shop there anyway, but just look at their “sale” prices on any given item and many times any other local grocery store will have the same item for the same or lower price as a rule. The only time I shop there is if they truly have a lower price on a couple of items I want and I buy only those items. The store closest to me does have a bigger variety of items, but the cost is too high for me to think I’m getting a better deal and I know how to price items. It’s not worth it.

    I did shop there the other day for some items that were on one of their 3-day sales and I was handed a bunch of these playing pieces. I wasn’t asked if I was playing the game and in fact, due to the fact that I rarely shop there, I had no idea what this was for. One of the tickets was an instant winner for….more free tickets. Since I probably won’t be going back in, I don’t need it. Kind of worthless to me.

  9. Sue says:

    We shop at Shaws but not too often. I have friends who give the pieces to me. I found a semi rare piece today and am looking for the owner of the rare piece. The piece I have is 145G for the $10,000 Jet Ski. If you own 142G please contact me and maybe we can work out a deal.

  10. Meghan says:

    As a former Shaws employee who was in charge of training employees on the game as well as tracking the ticket inventory and awarding prizes I can see how people dislike it however I wouldn’t call it a scam. It’s good that cashiers ask if you are playing because then there’s a better chance that if that is the magical ticket then it wont just be discarded and thrown away with out being opened, looked at, and placed on a game board to be claimed. All game pieces are attempted to be handed off to people actually going to use them. Also the employees get sick of it and view it as a sooner we hand them out and run out of boxes out back the sooner its over for us. We even transferred between busy and slower stores to make sure all tickets were given out and would run out a good number of days before the official last day to earn tickets which people would get upset over because they were ONLY shopping for game pieces. I personally play before as an associate so we had a separate game however I now play as a consumer, but only if I’m actually shopping at shaws that day I do no go out of my way to shop at shaws just for the pieces. The way I see it and again its from both sides of it, this game is for people with self control. People get hooked and go crazy over it. If you normally shop there and continuously buy the same products then hey why not see if you win something cause you never know you might but if your soley shopping for game pieces and buying things you normally wouldn’t then it is not for you. People would get upset at the end when there were a couple days left of earning pieces and we had run out, it does state while supplies last and that’s when you saw people throwing fits and wanting to return cart loads or very specific things they only purchased for the tickets and those are the people that need to read this article. Because if you think your going to win some big prize your just crazy but if you view it as well I buy the same things every week here anyways and don’t think about the game those are the only people it actually benefits.

  11. Niki says:

    i play every year, because I’m stupid apparently, and never have won so much as a 10 dollar gift card. Hell, cvs gives 5 dollar extra bucks all the time and it’s not even a contest. You spend thousands at shaws and don’t even get a coupon for a free loaf of bread. Tightest pockets and worst contest ever. Even McDonald’s throws a free Big Mac at you occasionally.

  12. Yocip says:

    So if you find 107A contact me and we can work out a deal! Or just post here! I don’t believe it will show up though! Good luck everyone!

  13. Elliot says:

    you make a good point however in their rules https://www.playmonopoly.us/view/rules please read #5… As long as you do one of the online codes on their website they will do a second chance drawing for top 6 prizes. Someone will win something. You should read the rules before bitching when someone is giving a handout.

    • Lazy Man says:

      It seems you missed the point where I covered the second chance drawing in the article. They gave this out last year validating my point that no one wins the prizes as advertised. And yes, someone wins something, but the biggest prize is typically the single $500,000, which is a far cry from the marketing of $80 million.

      I’d also invite you to read the introduction before claiming that I was “bitching.” I thought I made it clear that this was half tongue-in-check.

  14. Don says:

    I’d also stop short of calling this a scam, but it’s REALLY close. Having now played this two years and collected literally thousands of game pieces without winning anything, I am left scratching my head about the value. Certainly my time is worth more than tearing open game pieces that offer such little chance of winning anything…last year for me!!

  15. Jeff says:

    I won the $5.00 Grocery Card lol better than last year.

  16. mary macomber says:

    I won a 5.00 gift card, also a free tube of crest tooth paste. I have won a large number of 2 free tickets. I play just for the fun of it.I have noticed that the products, seem to be a little more expensive, when they are being featured. I shop by sale and coupons, so I have a pretty good idea of prices.I have 2 game boards that need the same rare tickets. What I hoping for is the online second drawing.

  17. James says:

    I have pece # 107A. It’s for the top prize. I think the game boards says it is paid out over 30 years. How should we split it?

  18. James White says:

    I have 1 rare piece. If you have 134E let me know.
    We can split it 50/50. Email me: [Editor’s note: Email address removed. If you have a matching rare piece leave a comment and I’ll try to connect you.]

  19. Lazy Man says:

    I would be very surprised if James has either rare piece as it appears to be the same James. Odds are very high against it.

  20. James White says:

    I don’t have 107a. I must have misread the ticket when I compiled the list. But I have 134E. I can text a photo of it to prove it. I want to make some money with it. The official rules states only 1 person can claim a prize. I may be willing to sell it if anyone wants to make me an offer.

  21. James White says:

    I meant to say I need 134E. I have 131E.

  22. Steve says:

    Okay James, I’ll bite. That’s all I need is the 107A. If you have it, post a pic of the front and back of the ticket, and we can escrow all the pieces, draw up a contract, and split the winnings.

    Here’s the funny thing about “odds”. After opening just over 100 tickets, I only needed those magical “rare pieces” (31 of them). We made a major purchase, and received another 300 game pieces from a store in a different state. Of those 1200 individual tickets, there were 0 matches to the 31 rares. I was at my local store again, got 10 pieces, and had 1 rare match. I have also Instant Won about $15-$20 worth of merchandise. So I’m okay with it. I know a lottery is eventually won by someone, but since the monopoly tickets cost me nothing when I’m shopping anyway, and lottery cost $1-$2 per play, I’ll play the game.

  23. Derrick Barr says:

    Hello lazymanandmoney,

    First off, I just wanted to say this article is perfect and catchy. I live in Lubbock, Tx and we do not have a Shaws store here, but we do have a chain of grocery stores named United Supermarkets. United is a grocery chain around the West Texas region and Dallas area from what I’ve been told so you may have never heard of it. United, and Albertsons grocery chain, also have the Monopoly collect and win game, so it seems this is a much larger scam than just a local fun game for the people playing and to add some advertising revenue. Last year United had a more localized version of the game and I personally won quite a bit more on the game pieces I recieved than this years game. It looks to me like multiple grocery chains have picked this Monopoly scam game up, making it completely impossible for anyone to win a decent prize, especially when you throw in the overwhelming odds you have shown. Thank you for your time, and I hope you find this information insightful. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  24. Eric says:

    I noticed this last year: you have to get TWO rare pieces to win. What a scam. It made us dislike Shaw’s so much that we stopped shopping there. We won’t even run in to pick up a couple items, even if we’re right next to it.

    Screw Shaw’s and their sleazy promo.

  25. vince says:

    Live in Chicago. Stores here are called Jewel/Osco. Have had well over 2,000 stamps and have won absolutely nothing. Not even a $5 grocery card. Also would like to know what company makes these tickets and where they are located. Can’t seem to find that out. Secondly would like to see/meet some of these so called winners and get their names to cross reference with the employees of the company that is making the tickets. My belief is that anything over a $100 grocery card rare game piece is pulled off the line when printed by the employees of the company making them. They are then given to friends and or family members of those employees. So winning a large prize is fixed. Maybe they are never distibuted at all in the first place to ensure that the company will never be out the money. I’ve tweeted to Jewel/Osco several times that this game in total BS. All they can say is that my comment has been noted?! I’ll believe it’s not fixed when I win something substantial. I also noticed in the 2014 game, there were no winners of any of the top 4 prizes. Not even in a second chance drawing. They should make it mandatory to divy out the prizes not won in a second chance drawing and that all the prizes must be won.

  26. Steve says:

    What I wonder is if the winning “rare” game pieces aren’t even printed until the VERY LAST print run of the tickets, and are among the last ones shipped to the stores. This way, the unsuspecting purchasing public continues to do 6 weeks of shopping hoping to pull a winning ticket and strike it rich. By the final week, deals and offers are probably a lot less enticing, dropping the number of shoppers and players who are just plain “fed up” with the game by the end.
    I feel as if Consumer Affairs Departments of the states that the stores do business in should verify that the winning tickets have been printed, and have been mixed into the general distribution, and not all saved until the last few boxes, and that those boxes are not purposefully shipped to opposite ends of the country.
    Let’s see how many winners show up at the end of the game..

  27. Steve says:

    I just pulled the 105A. Now if I could get the 107A I’d be in! If anyone wants to buy or split let me know. My email address is [Editor’s note: use my contact form to reach out to these people. I don’t publish email addresses on this website.]

  28. Bruce Farr says:

    Although I’m not typically much of a gamesman, I’ve become obsessed with this “Monopoly” promo from Shaw’s. Because you generally receive only one ticket with each store visit (unless you have items that qualify for add’l tickets), I’ve started doing my grocery shopping one item at a time. Yesterday, I made 27 separate visits to Shaw’s. Additionally, if the person in front of me in line declines the tickets and doesn’t offer them to me, I follow them into the parking lot and call them every name in the book. Oh, and I have a bumper sticker on my motor scooter that says “I play Shaw’s Monopoly–and love it!!”

  29. Steve says:

    I have 105a and 145g for sale. Contact ASAP

  30. BMB says:

    This “game” requires masochistic tendencies. Every time the checker asks me if I’m playing the “game” I say, “Yes, unfortunately.” and the game pieces collect dust until I’m prepared for all of the “fun” going through them. I even entered a hundred or so of the sweepstakes entries on the website an won a few more tickets to torture me.

    A couple of tips:

    * Don’t bother affixing the tokens to a game board. (You might end up like George Costanza’s fiance.) Make a spreadsheet with rows for each prize (letter) and columns for each token (number), Collect a hundred or so game pieces then go through them and check off what you have. You’ll see which tokens are rare. I highlight them to make it more obvious.

    * Put the tokens in baggies for each letter just in case you actually get a rare token later an win something.

    * As you collect more game pieces, check them against the spreadsheet. Throw out the losers (i.e., all of them) – we’re NOT going to win anything twice.

    * It goes much faster if someone reads the letter/numbers to someone checking the spreadsheet. Hey, share the fun!

    After collecting about 400 game pieces / 1600 tokens, I won:

    * A bag of string cheese
    * A candy bar
    * Instant ramen noodles
    * A small box of Tide detergent tablets
    * A 12oz bottle of grape soda
    * A million useless coupons.

    Estimated value of winnings: $10.00
    Time required to “play” the game: 12 hours
    Return on investment: $0.83/hour (and deteriorating eyesight plus carpal tunnel syndrome)

    I hated this game so much last year that I emailed the president of Albertsons or whomever owned Jewel at the time. His secretary directed me to the Director of Marketing for Jewel/Osco. I emailed her and she called me. I explained how much I hated the game and why (same scenario as this year but I won NOTHING.) At least I got string cheese, a candy bar, etc. this year. I’d complain again but I lost her email address and Jewel/Osco was sold again anyway.

  31. neola says:

    I have 122 looking to partner with 117.I have these also 105.145.131..contact me

  32. Thomas says:

    I had all but the rare ones months ago. I kept printing all the ticket winning pieces and going to the store to collect more tickets which got me more winning tickets. I have a bundle of winning tickets each worth two more tickets…I went in with them a week ago and they told me that `the game would be over the next day and that I have until early June to collect on my winners…then they told me that they had run out of tickets and the other Shaws nearby was out of tickets and so I was out of luck. Since the game was going to be over in a day they did not expect any more tickets to give out. I am stuck with a bunch of winners that could have got me a rare sticker…so the potential to win was reduced by having all my tickets become useless. This is the part I really feel has legal ramifications.

  33. Dan says:

    I don’t understand the thinking behind this game. You’d think that the odds of winning $5 off your groceries would be arranged so that every couple of thousand dollars you spent would probably get you $5 off, just to keep you playing and coming back to Shaw’s.

    Plus, the “game board” looks nothing at all like a Monopoly board, and really is just plain ugly.

    I stopped playing well before it ended.

  34. Mio says:

    I did not participate in 2015 because I participated the year before and turned out NOTHING. I felt being played rather than playing. Too much hassle to play and nothing returns!

  35. Kevin pereira says:

    I’m playing the 2016 game now after entering over 50 codes on there website my last code I had I won I couldn’t believe it was so excited only to find out it was another 2 free tickets when You return to shaws lol nice blog

  36. parkbrav says:

    Total scam and waste of time – refuse the tickets at the counter, give them to the next customer, or throw the pieces away. Don’t bother with this game, it is impossible to win even a “joke” prize

  37. parkbrav says:

    I collected over 800 individual game pieces. I put them on the board, I threw away the duplicates. The end result was I got ALL of the “easy” pieces and could not get a single game winner. The same thing happened to me last year. Conclusion: This is a scam.

  38. Geoff says:

    Hey LM,

    I just went into a local Albertson’s (Shaw’s) for the West Coast I guess…and they asked me about “The Game”. I actually said to the lady, “I think I have heard of this before, but it was from a place called Shaw’s.” She said, “Exact same game.” To which I naturally replied, “No thank you, I don’t think there are many winners in that game.” She then had the nerve to start mentioning the 3 local winners, one of which apparently won $50,000 (BTW Congratulations to whomever that was, assuming they aren’t Harvey Rabbit), and that this was a legitimate thing. I could’ve probably spent the next 30 minutes of my life debating with her, but I was more in shock that she pushed so hard for me to join the game…She didn’t even have any incentive. It was weird and creepy, and I don’t think I will be doing much more shopping for a while at Albertson’s.

    • Lazy Man says:

      Yep, the chains are owned by the same parent company. That’s odd that she tried to convince you so much.

      At my local Shaws, they now ask every person if they are playing the game before handing out the game pieces. That implies to me that many people consider them to be of little value. For example, I think everyone likes McDonalds’ pieces because there is a realistic chance of winning free food.

  39. Ann Jolah says:

    2015=shame on you.
    2016=shame on me.
    2017=not falling for the scam again!

  40. Katy Noelle says:

    Hey! I won a $5 gift card, an 8 pack of coca-cola and a jar of pickles. My son was delighted! ;)

  41. Katy Noelle says:

    AND I just won a box of kleenex!! (Which is nothing to sneeze at!)

  42. Bodhi Numnum says:

    This is the third year i’ve “played” this exercise in futility they call a “game.” I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole thing was spawned in one of the Rings of Hell where crazed lunatics with beady red eyes sit around a table and try to outdo one another with their evil ideas,”…let’s make Game Tickets full of tiny unmanageable pieces!”…”yeah that are illegible!”…”yeah and if they win anything, it’s more Game Tickets!!…” And this year’s gem, “and let’s make the pictures black and white so they can’t even try and match the colors!!!”…cue the peals of demented laughter. Well enjoy your special place in hell…you earned it!

  43. Patrick joy says:

    Just got 1 of the rares for the million dollars 613C, 618H is needed still , email me at [Email address: redacted… please contact me and I’ll try to pair you up.

  44. Geoff says:

    Hey LM,

    I have a weird update from my previous post about my unusual experience at the local Albertsons (Shaws). I decided to continue my protest against Albertsons, and went to a Vons (Safeway) instead. It turns out this game has caught on like rabies, because they too have a version of the Monopoly game now. It would seem the clerks don’t want to give you the option about the game, and instead try and give you the pieces no matter what. My check stand attendant handed me the pieces, and I said no thank you. She didn’t even take them back…It would seem by 2020 every retail store will have a version of Monopoly…should I be thanking McDonald’s?

    • Lazy Man says:

      I think the Monopoly game is ending soon. It seems to me that the clerks want to clear out the tickets. It’s not the worst thing ever, but it would be nice if they’d regularly give you free product like McDonalds’ does.

  45. Brian F says:

    I shop at Shaws anyhow, playing the game doesn’t cost me anything so why not play. Remember “you can’t win if you don’t play” In past games I’ve won some free stuff and small cash prizes.
    This year I won a $1000 Shaws gift card. Thats as good as cash to me, because I shop there anyhow.
    I also got a nice cake and some balloons when they presented me with my prize.
    All the little kids in neighborhood got balloons and the good size cake provided for 3 occassions that weekend. So that was a nice bonus
    So I’ll keep playing

    • Lazy Man says:

      Congrats on winning $1000. That’s awesome.

      I just didn’t want people to buy things they ordinary wouldn’t to get more tickets as I’ve seen people do with McDonalds version of the game.

      I also wanted to help explain to people that there are multiple rare pieces for the big prizes which is probably why they are unlikely to be won. I bet there are people out there who think, “Hey, there’s an equal chance of getting all the stamps just like a more or less equal chance of landing on any particular Monopoly space.”

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