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  • Arrive Late to the Farmer's Market - My wife and I were running errands when we drove by a farmer's market that was ending in 10 minutes. In the time we were there, the prices for the peaches and pluots went from $2 a pound to $1 a pound. Some may want the first choice of the produce, but the quality was still great, especially for the price. By the way, if you are wondering what a pluot is I don't blame you. I had no clue before moving to California.
  • If you disappoint consumers give them something useful to make up for it - I offer this business tip to MLB.TV. They had an outage on Friday preventing people from watching the games that they paid for. Each game comes out to be a little less than a dollar a game to watch, so it's a little difficult to expect too much compensation. MLB.TV offered a 40% discount at it's store as restitution. Most of their products are 40% more than I find it for at TJ Maxx. I'm sure that MLB.TV still makes a profit on the sales, because the cost of producing the products are very low.

    The result is kind of like The Gift that Keeps on Taking from The Worst Gifts We Have Ever Gotten. That is if I took advantage of this "gift" and spent more money with them.

  • Meeting with Safeway about their Just For You Program - A couple of years ago, I got to review the Safeway’s Just For U Program with some representatives from Safeway. This week I get the opportunity to do it again... hopefully with something new to report. If you are a Safeway junkie (do such folks exist?), and you have something you want me to share with them, leave a comment. If you've never heard of Safeway, I understand it's a regional grocery chain.
  • Crashing Credit Karma's Open House - Crashing is probably the wrong word, but I'm going to drop by and check out their new office space this week. I went to their old office around 4 years ago and they were just moving in with boxes everywhere. I'm expecting a big upgrade this week. For those unfamiliar with Credit Karma, check out my review: Free Credit Scores from Credit Karma
  • I got my first Klout Perk - Klout measures your social media impact by looking at your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and giving you an influence score. Influential people can be given perks by businesses. I received two packs of gum from a company called Hi-Chew. (Yes, I'm a high-rolling, social media mogul.) It is from Japan, which my wife guessed from the package. Against her better judgment I just gave it a try. It's not gum after all, it's indistinguishable from a Starburst. Now, the wait to see if I go blind or die begins.
  • I have the most handsome dog (of a small sample size) - My dog is officially the New England Patriots of my town's annual dog pageant. He's pulled out three first place awards in four years including most handsome twice. He can show up with C- game and still dominate the competition, which this year consisted of 10 other dogs. Okay that might not mean too much, but when we took him to a city event in the park a few days later, 5 separate people came up to me and asked if they could take their picture with my dog. This was an event where there at least 50 other dogs in the park.

    Some start-up in Silicon Valley, must want a hire him as their mascot. I honestly looked into getting him into show business, but he's geographically challenged by not being in LA and he also isn't trained to the level they require. Still, he's a very unique mix of yellow lab, husky, and chow that looks like a purebred. The spotted tongue will get you every time.

  • How Consumers are Screwed by the Cell Phone Carriers - One of the best articles that I've read in the past couple of weeks is Five years after the iPhone, carriers are the biggest threat to innovation. It tells of the story of how the carriers killed Palm and routinely create nonsensical headaches for those making cell phone hardware. More and more technology companies are doing whatever they can to avoid them (which isn't much).

And now for the links (which are a little delayed since I haven't done one of these articles in awhile.

Posted on July 16, 2012.

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