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As I've been writing about recently, I've started a dog sitting service. It's going really well and I'm meeting a lot of new and interesting people. And even better I'm meeting lots of new dogs. I know dog sitting is not for everyone, but it's certainly for me.

Last week, I ran into a little hiccup with a potential client who found my advertisement on Rover.com. He liked my reviews. He came to my house and met up with me and my dog. The dogs got along fine. Everything was going smoothly. I told him that I looked forward to his dog staying with me.

Then I noticed that he didn't accepting the booking through the website. It's an important part of the process as it guarantees my payment and sets up insurance for both parties. When I pressed him to book he got back to me only to say that he didn't want to give his credit card information to Rover.

I've bought so many things online that I don't think twice about it, but given the headlines of hacks happening everywhere, I can understand why he might be skittish. Then again, he trusted the service well enough to find a stranger take care of his beloved dog, but he doesn't trust it enough to give it a credit card that is usually well-protected against fraud by credit card companies.

Fortunately, I had an idea. He could get a prepaid card such as this paysafecard. Then he wouldn't have to worry about his credit card getting stolen. If he filled it up with just the amount to pay me for sitting his dog, the most anyone can steal is nothing.

I gave him this suggestion. He got a prepaid card and it worked. Everyone is happy and I have a new dog coming to stay with us tomorrow. More importantly my dog has a friend to play with all week long. The only hitch now is to fix a small hole in the fence where the tiny dog could potentially escape.

Posted on October 22, 2015.

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