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Second Black Friday: Will (or Did) You Shop?

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I've caught a couple of news segments saying that today is a second black Friday. Makes sense to me. Here are just a few of the reasons why today might be such a good shopping day.

  • Day Off of Work - When Christmas falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, people generally have to work the following Friday. With Christmas on a Thursday, most employers seem to be giving employees a four day weekend.
  • Gift Cards - Anyone who got a gift card yesterday is probably going to want to cash it in. The earlier the better in this economy where you don't know if the company is going to be around in another month.
  • Deep Discounts - Things were already ridiculously cheap during the shopping season. Some analysts are saying that they'll be even cheaper now that they don't have the holiday season to boost sales.

With all these in mind, I'm going to head to Circuit City and see if I can use a gift card that I've had there for too long. I'm also going to take a look at the Amazon Friday Sale since I can do it without dealing crowds. After that, I'm off to watch the Celtics attempt to start up another 19 game win streak like the one that got snapped last night.

Did (or are you) going shopping today? If so, what are you looking to pick up? Where are going and where are the best deals?

Posted on December 26, 2008.

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7 Responses to “Second Black Friday: Will (or Did) You Shop?”

  1. guinness416 says:

    We did. Today is a big traditional shopping day in Canada, like post-thanksgiving down south. I was doing my xmas shopping for my family, who I’m heading back to Ireland to see in january. I got a bunch of clothes for the family at fairly decent discounts (including a ridiculously garish juicy couture tracksuit for my sister – those things look like they’re designed by blind people) and a juicer for myself. Pretty satisfied all round.

  2. Lazy Man says:

    Just got back from Circuit City. It’s a bit of a zoo there. We couldn’t find anything that we really needed. We liked the HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit, but $99 seems pricey for what it’s worth. I’m not even that Lazy. With our $50 savings it’s still a little overpriced for the value.

    We looked at some Wii games and accessories. Wife wants to get karaoke, even though we never have more than 2 people visit our place and I don’t do karaoke (and they didn’t have any good selection of karaoke stuff.

    I was looking at other games along the lines of Wii Sports or Wii Play – classics that we could get more use out off.

    If anyone has any suggestions on Wii games or accessories besides Sports, Play and Wii Fit, I’d be interested in them.

  3. tiffanie says:

    omg…the mall was more crowded today than i had seen it ever before. could barely walk through any of the stores. walked around for a while, hubby bought a few books with a gift card and we left. TOO crowded to even enjoy it.

  4. Amy says:

    We bought calendars at 50% off.

  5. Slacker says:

    I did shop actually, went every where. Probably a dozen stores or so. Afterwards I got an idea for a new website (www.zendump.com) and the next day I finished it.

    If you have a chance to check it out I wrote about it in my blog.

    – Slacker

  6. Ryuko says:

    Unfortunately, the power went out all-over Oahu Friday afternoon (it lasted all night; even made national news), so not much shopping, but a whole lot of traffic. The funny thing is, people were streaming into the Ala Moana mall, hoping the power would return. We got out earlier, and saw some deals at jewelry stores, but not much else worth buying.

    A lot of HDTV’s and their accessories are still on sale at almost-black-friday prices, though.

    Traffic was oddly light all weekend, but the Big NEX is still backed up with people doing their after-Christmas Returns shopping.

  7. MoneyTheory says:

    I think that it can be a good day to find a great deal for someone looking for something specific that he or she needs, but personally, I did not have any desire to go shopping then, and I did not go. Going out shopping just to find a deal on something that is not needed is, in my opinion, sometimes counterproductive. It’s not really a deal if you didn’t plan on buying it in the first place!

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