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Save On Razors? Let’s Find Out…

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The kind folks at Save On Razors were nice enough to send me a sample of their product. I assume it was because for a time my post on using Ebay to buy razors was the #1 Google search term for "Save on Razors." The product that Save on Razors is selling is the RazorMate.

Here is how it works. You simply put your razor on the RazorMate when not in use and the magnets will pull the blades back into shape when not in use. The pitch is a compelling one. Here are a few of the key points:

  • "will extend the life of your razor up to 20 times"
  • "Requires no maintenance"
  • "Lasts a lifetime"
  • "was invented by an engineer who designed the product after working with and manipulating metals in the aerospace industry"

So on February 3rd, I started the test with a new Gillette Fusion blade - one of the blades they specifically mention. I can usually get 3 weeks from these blades. Doing some math, this could extend the razor life up to 60 weeks - over a year. That would be outstanding, but if it could just get me to 6-8 weeks then this product would be a winner.

Before I give the results, let me say that I was pulling for this product. If it works, I was thinking SaveonRazors.com might want to sponsor this website or there might even be some affiliate network possibilities. Not only that, but this is a legit way I could save a lot of money and help other people save money. If it works, it's a win-win for all.

Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. The new blade lasted me 22 days. I think the last couple, I really should have switched it out, but as I wrote, I really wanted this product to work.

If you are interested in other ways to try to make razor blades last longer, I found this wonderful thread, but unfortunately, I didn't see any proven solutions.

Posted on February 26, 2007.

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