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How To Save Money

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Not too long ago, I ran a series of ways to save money on many things. I've found that it helps keep them fresh in my memory if I review them from time to time. I decided to consolidate them here. If you missed any of them, now is a good time to catch them.

  • Save Money on Movies, Music, Television, and Books - Many people buy DVDs at $15 or spend hundreds on Apple's iTunes store... here are some ways to avoid that trap.
  • Save Money on Cars - If you wanted to make a single change to save a lot of money, this might be the best way to do it.
  • Save Money on Hobbies - Back in college, I had a friend who collected Beanie Babies. She spent hundreds of dollars completing her collection. If you add up the value of that collection now, it's barely a fraction of the money she spent.
  • Save Money on Housing - Remember what I said about the car maybe being the best place to make a change and save lots of money? I lied... housing is where most people spend their money. Follow these tips and there's a good chance your wallet grow thicker.
  • Save Money on the Web - I'm surprised I didn't get more feedback on this - some of my best unique ideas were in this post.
  • Save Money on Clothing - If you really must have great clothes, you'll find tips here. If you want to save every last penny, I've got you covered there too.
  • Save Money and the Environment - If you didn't know better, you'd think I was looking for an excuse to talk about ways to save the environment.
  • Save Money By Making Your Own Beer - Large quantities of beer and saving money, what is not to like? I should have added this to the aforementioned hobbies article.
  • Save Money on Wine - First beer and then wine, I might spreading the wrong message here.

Hopefully, you've found something that you can learn in the above suggestions.  If there are other areas in your life that you need to save money on, leave a message in the comments.  Perhaps I can do some research and write up some tips for you.

Last updated on May 28, 2008.

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