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Save Money On Skiing

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[The following is a guest post by Ski Snowboarder. He often writes about skiing safety, skiing gear (including a winter sports store), skiing tips and snowboarding tips. If you like what you read, I suggest you subscribe to his RSS Feed.]

Skiing, too often, is consider a "rich person's sport," a sport like tennis that people who join clubs find fun, but the general public doesn't always enjoy. And there's a reason for that - skiing requires some expensive equipment, passage into a nice ski hill with a ski lift and other amenities, and, depending where you are, a car to get yourself there.

Skiing doesn't have to be reserved for the rich, and it doesn't have to be a show to determine who has the best skis, the best poles, and the best boots. Instead, you can try going skiing frugally, enjoying some of these tips as ways to get your butt out on the snow without spilling too much green.

  • Borrow when you can, rent if you must - For most people looking to ski frugally, borrowing is the best way to acquire some quick skiing equipment - if you're lucky, this won't cost you anything. If you live in a winter area, chances are you know someone with some skis and ski boots - if you have any friends with similar sizes especially, don't be afraid to ask. For those of you who are a little too bashful to ask to borrow someone's equipment, remember that life is short, and you can either risk being too pushy, or not enjoy the ski hill at all. For anyone who's been out skiing before, the choice is clear.
  • Skiing off the peak hours and peak days - In seasonal areas, skiing is, well, a seasonal sport. That goes without saying, but if you're really looking for a way to cut some corners to get yourself onto the ski hill, this is a no-brainer: get out during the less-than-desirable hours and weeks, the times when ski hills will most need customers. You can catch discounts, lower prices, and if you're lucky, you might even catch a ski hill so dead that an acquaintance might let you in free. Just don't tell anyone you learned this here. [Editor's note: No please tell everyone you know that you learned it at Lazy Man and Money. There's even a handy e-mail widget at the bottom of this to make it easier.]
  • Deals and passes - If you're really planning on doing some serious skiing this winter, a season pass is the best way to do it. Many times, one-shot tickets will cost you about half as much as a season pass - meaning that you'd only have to go skiing twice to break even. A season pass is also a great way to get yourself to keep going out there - the more you use it, the better a deal you got. Snoop around online and on the phones to see if there are any seasonal passes available to help you waltz right into your favorite ski hill again and again.

These are just some of the ways to go skiing without breaking the bank. You'll want to make sure to ask around as much as possible, as conditions will always be different from area to area and there might be some bonuses you might not be aware of. Sit down one lazy afternoon, give yourself tne minutes, and find out exactly what's out there - it won't cost you much.

Last updated on November 25, 2008.

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3 Responses to “Save Money On Skiing”

  1. If you absolutely must rent, try renting somehwere other than the ski hill. A lot of sports shops will rent gear at much better prices than the resort’s own rental shop, and the gear is often of better quality.

  2. Nice Post. I have added you to my blogroll… It is funny how often you hear the rich thing… Yet one of the most common terms around skiing in the English vernacular is “Ski Bum”

  3. Paul D. (Oakland) says:

    This is exactly right! Borrow gear, ski on off-peak days and look for deals! There are great resources for all of this at OnTheSnow.com. They have a lift ticket-deals section, a season pass -deals section a gear guide …

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