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Save Money Mondays

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I was looking at my necessary expenses the other day and I realized that I save money in many ways. It shocked me that I hadn't previously discussed all the ways that I save money. For the next couple of months, come back each Monday for an article about saving money on nearly every category under the Sun. Many of my regular readers may already save money in the categories I cover. However, I guarantee that you won't know them all. If you do I'll give you twice your money back :-). (Disclaimer: that equates $0.00 USD since you do not pay for this content.)

The first segment of the series will be out later on today.

Posted on August 27, 2007.

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3 Responses to “Save Money Mondays”

  1. Franky says:

    I’m new here and really enjoying what I have found so far. I looked at your necessary expenses chart and have to say that I am in shock! I spend so much more money in all of those categories! I have spent $550 on groceries this month- for two people!

    Please share your frugal ways- I need help!

  2. Lazy Man says:

    Our necessary expenses may be half (or less) of what you are used to seeing. The reason is simply that when I started it, I wasn’t married. My girlfriend, now wife, pays for half and I pay for half.

    We keep groceries very low by shopping at WalMart for many staples (generics only). A can of baked beans is around 44 cents and can be very healthy. However, the biggest factor may be that my job provides me lunch and dinner free each night.

    There’s also a chance that my estimate was a little low. I don’t spend a lot of time budgeting, but more focusing on finding good (or the best) value for my dollar.

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