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San Francisco at 98%

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It seems like there are no major stumbling blocks with the potential move. I still have yet to get a job, but they seem very plentiful. I'm not as sad I might be to leave my current job. I've put in nearly two and half years building the company from scratch as one of the first employees. In the software world, that's nearly a lifetime. On Friday, the company really showed me where I belonged. I was grouped with a few developers that were less experienced and lacked the communication skills necessary to deal with our clients (as I do on a daily basis). Meanwhile people that were employed after me had fresh new job titles that suggested they were more senior.

I apologize that this blog is getting a little focused on the move to San Francisco. However, it's a decision that dominates your life when the furthest you've been from home is 10 miles. I will get into some of the real estate choices we'll have to make soon.

Last updated on December 14, 2006.

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