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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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I've been reading about Rich Dad, Poor Dad for some time and finally took the plunge and used a gift certificate to pick it up. I have to admit that I really enjoyed about the first 120 pages, but the last 60 or so weren't quite as good.

I'm sure I should have took away more than just this, but what I did take away was a lesson that I already knew, but had forgotten. That lesson was to collect assets that will earn a passive income - money that I can count on each month to subsidize and eventually replace my salary.

Last updated on June 3, 2007.

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Alternative Income

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3 Responses to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

  1. well done on taking the first step to blogging. i hope you actually do some deals so you can blog about them. keep us informed on your progress.
    good luck and happy investing.

  2. I’ve been a little too lazy to get any good deals done, but I also don’t have a lot of spare capital to work with now. I’m in the education phase.

  3. I know “Rich Dad Poor Dad” isn’t the best book ive ever read, but it inspired me to start my blog. I loved that book, and i would recommend it to anyone.

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