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Rich and Famous Discuss Frugality

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Earlier today, I was watching the Super Bowl Media Day coverage, when this little conversation nugget occurred. In a little bit of fun, Patriots' Tom Brady was taking questions from Pierre Woods, a Patriots player who doesn't get a lot of playing time. Here's a paraphrase of the conversation:

Pierre Woods: Everyone says that you should put the boot [famously from the New York tabloids] on Ebay. You could get $500,000 for that.
Tom Brady: You aren't paying for that.
Pierre Woods: I know I'm not.
Tom Brady: [To the media] Pierre, was complaining the other day. He said, because he got a rental car, he was only going to put 87 octane in the tank rather than 93 - to save himself $2. I said, "You are not even going to drive the car enough to fill the tank up. So what's the big deal?" That tells you, that's a responsible kid right there - smart kid.

He said the last line with all the sincerity in the world. I imagine that I'd have the same conversation with someone else. It's funny, because I can see both sides of the story here. Why spend the extra money for the rental car? On the other hand, Brady's got a good point, it's not going to add up to much savings.

Posted on January 29, 2008.

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3 Responses to “Rich and Famous Discuss Frugality”

  1. rstlne says:

    I’m with Pierre on this one. If 93 octane is not necessary, why buy it? That goes not just for rental cars but for my own car too.

  2. Money Management and You says:

    A lot of cars don’t even take advantage of the premium fuel, its really only worth using if you have a higher end car that can utilize the greater quality fuel.

  3. Frugal Dad says:

    It’s pretty easy to identify which one is the multi-million dollar golden boy and which one is riding the minimum salary train, isn’t it?

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