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Rent a Pet: Only for the Wealthy

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It looks like another company has stolen one of my ideas. It one of those ideas that you often just mention off-handedly, not seriously. However, now you can rent a pet from FlexPetz . I never really thought the rent-a-pet business would see light of day. I assumed there would be just too many background checks to get it off the ground. And let's be honest, the allegations surrounding Michael Vick isn't going to help the rent-a-pet "industry."

I'd like to do the trial pet thing. I'm not sure how much maintanence a dog is. I can estimate quite a bit, but I don't know what would happen when we are at work. However, will I be a part-time dog owner? Not in at the price that FlexPetz puts on it. To start there is a one-time $150 registration charge. There's also an annual account maintenance of $100 a year (yes, I'm rounding up the nickel). You'd think that would be enough of the fees, but we arent done yet... no, not even close. There's a monthly membership fee of $50 (again, I'm exaggerating by the nickel). For those too lazy to do the math we are at $850 and you don't have a pet yet. If you actually want to take advantage of the fees, you have to pay a "Daily Doggy Time "charge for (each day or part of a day) you have a dog." Weekdays will cost you $25 each part of a day, but you'll have to shell out $40 on the weekends - and in FlexPets world, every weekend is a three day one, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Note that this rental is also subject to sales tax.

So let's say you want to spend one weekend a month with a dog. We'll assume that you pick him up on Saturday and return him on Monday. That will be $105 for those three days. For the first year you'll spend $2110 for around 30 days with a dog. It's really 36 days you are paying for, but you don't get the full 24 hours, so I'm estimating the 30. That works out to $58 a day or about what I pay for my mortgage. It can get more expensive though. You can have your dog picked up and dropped off to you for $35.00 round trip (or $17.50 one way). There's also a late fee of $75 if you do not return the dog on-time - FlexPetz closes at 6PM, so I imagine this common. They are nice enough to give you a grace period of an hour on that next day to avoid the fee.

Two-thirds of my picking-up-women-in-the-park plan is now readily available. What is this three point plan? You don't need to do anything just sit there with a great car, a cute puppy, and a cute baby. You can now rent two of the three. I hope that we're never able to rent the third.

Posted on August 8, 2007.

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8 Responses to “Rent a Pet: Only for the Wealthy”

  1. Amber Yount says:

    I think thats a HORRIBLE business idea……think of how the poor dogs feel! How would you like to be shuffled around every day to some stinky strangers house????? Maybe if they were dogs from the shelter, but even then its iffy. PLus why would you spend over $2,000 a year for a dog thats not yours? I have TWO dogs, and I didn’t even spend that much on them the first year I owned them! (including the cost of the dog, and their purebred!)

  2. Eric says:

    I’m not sure how I would feel about that. I mean it sounds good on face value, and it sure beats people just throwing out pets they don’t want, but I’m not sure how well a rent a pet would work. Can you turn them back in before they potty on my floors? :)

  3. Or, get people to pay you for hanging out with a dog. Dog walkers, doggy day care….you could end up with a pack of puppies to attract dates with; no baby required!

  4. MoneyNing says:

    Umm.. Part of the fun of owning a pet is the emotional attachment that you can build with it. Renting one does nothing in that front. Definitely a no-no for me.

  5. Nantahala says:

    Why not volunteer at a dog rescue or shelter? Or dog sit or become a do walker to make $$ and be with a dog?

    This is so ridiculous.

  6. Renting a pet? I guess we are not so far away or renting a wife and kids for family vacation! Anything is possible!

  7. RateLadder says:

    absolutely nuts! and I have 2 dogs…

    why not just get a pound dog… cost $50

  8. Lauren says:

    Wow, this is crazy. I had never heard of it before. Too bad I just did my “10, million dollar businesses that will never work” post or I definitely would have added this to the list. What a cheap way for a buck.

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