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Reflections on Red Sox – Yankees (and some weekend links)

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This weekend the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees are getting together for another of their classic matches. (Having lived 8 miles west of Boston for 95% of my life, I fall heavily in that Red Sox fan club.) Though the Tampa Bay Devils (they choose to drop the Devil name, I choose to drop Rays) will probably take a playoff spot this year, it still feels like old times with the rivalry between Boston and New York as strong as ever.

Fans (including myself) often take the rivalry too seriously. You go to a game where the opposing team's uniform and you are setting yourself for a rough day. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. This ugliness taints what should be a good-natured rivalry.

There are pockets of good coming from the rivalry though:

  • Earlier this year a Red Sox fan buried a Red Sox shirt in the new Yankee Stadium. When word got out the Yankees dug it up.... and promptly put gave it to the Red Sox to auction of for their official charity. The Jimmy Fund is now more than $175K richer... enough to make a difference in more than a few lives.
  • Perhaps not quite as touching the Red Sox made a similar move last month. The Hartford Courant reports, "Last month, the Red Sox scored points in West Haven when they brought a group of seventh-graders from Carrigan Middle School to Boston for a tour of Fenway Park. This came two months after the Carrigan students were denied a tour of Yankee Stadium because their bus arrived two hours late." I'm sure the Yankees had a clear logistical reason for the issue, but it struck me as a good thing to do (even if it is a little self-serving of the Red Sox).

I'm sure most baseball fans have had enough Red Sox-Yankees talk for a lifetime. That being the case, let's get to the personal finance links. From inside The Money Writers:

And from outside The Money Writers:

Posted on July 5, 2008.

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2 Responses to “Reflections on Red Sox – Yankees (and some weekend links)”

  1. Benjamin says:


    I can relate! I live in Maine now but I lived in Braintree and Cambridge for a few years! This was one of the most memorable red sox/yankees series I have seen in a long time!

    7 hit batsman in one game, Youk’s triple, it was all very exciting!

    I didn’t hear that one about the Carigan Middle School students! That is awesome!

  2. It’s crazy to think that the Sox-Yankees rivalry is “old” news now, but I guess that was bound to happen. I remember living in Boston and when these two teams played the city was still. Kind of like the Cubs/Sox games now that I’m in Chicago, only this was some real hate between the two teams. It was a great atmosphere.

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