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Real Estate Investments: Comparing Venice to New York

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Of course one of the most difficult things for anyone to do is compare two similar but unlike things. Real estate investments: comparing Venice to New York is strangely similar though. Many properties in both locations may have a value greater than what it seems and many of the rules of real estate investing in both spots run in kind.

Real Estate Investments: Comparing Venice to New York Past: The cities of Venice and New York have been lauded for as long as artists have opined there. Whether you're talking about Monet and Turner painting beautiful romantic frescos or you are talking about the songs of Bob Dylan or the writings of Truman Capote both cities have had their share of praise. So it should surprise no one that both cities have had a great deal of interest for many years. Real estate in Venice has undergone some strain in recent years but has rebounded nicely. New York City felt the same pains during the violent times of the 70's and 80's and the perilous and scared times immediately following 9/11.

Real Estate Investments: Comparing Venice to New York Present: When you are looking into the cities of New York and Venice in the modern sphere to see about places that are worth investing, there is something of equal footing for both in terms of where they are at. In Venice you can get an amazing penthouse three bedroom for a stitch better than you can in New York City. One in Venice will still set you back upwards of a million + but the New York City prices are just as hefty if not more so. One of the things you need to do when you are deciding about where to have your luxury urban penthouse is what is more important to you? Both cities have history and nightlife but with both examples you are talking about two different things. Do you want a couple hundred years of history or do you want a couple thousand? Also for nightlife you might find more specific avenues to suit your temperament in say Venice but more in volume in a place like New York. But what is going to be your reason for being there and what is going to be your reason for hanging onto this property.

Real Estate Investments: Comparing Venice to New York Future: While some may argue that both places have got a lot of things going on for the both of them, you need to have a look at history and see where you think each city is going. Do you believe in the future of a place like Venice or do you see more opportunities in the future for someplace like New York? In a place like New York City there is a highly limited amount of space. At the same time Venice is as it's been for some time. They aren't running subway tunnels below the canals of Venice. But if you decide you want to live somewhere that has got so much authentic history and detail Venice might be for you. At the same time there is no place like old New York for a great time and a great long term investment.

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Posted on February 27, 2015.

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