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Prosper Now Instantly Transferring Funds?

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I just transferred money two minutes ago from my bank and the money was instantly added to my cash balance! I'm not really sure if I believe it. I wasn't expecting the money to be there for another until next Monday - six days away. It says that the estimated completion of the transfer is 3 days from now, so could it be that Prosper trusts that the money will move? That three day estimated completion is the first I've seen that.

Maybe everyone will stop hating Prosper now.

Update: I might have written a bit too soon. It seems that while it says I have the money in my "cash balance", I am unable to use that cash to bid yet. It makes sense because if there's a problem with the transfer, the borrower isn't going to get his money. However, I'm still excited that they are transferring the money a lot more quickly than I've seen in the past.

Last updated on June 12, 2007.

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One Response to “Prosper Now Instantly Transferring Funds?”

  1. Argos says:

    Regardless of what it says, mys understanding is that it won’t be available until the estimated completion date.

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