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Productivity Draining of Sports (and Personal Finance Links)

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After the Super Bowl in February, I've got a two month window to be productive before baseball starts. (It's one of the benefits of not acknowledging college basketball as a sport). For the three of you who didn't close their browser, this time of the year is the opposite... The past couple of weeks have had multiple Boston teams (Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox) playing at the same time. I'm not much of a Bruins or a Celtics fan until the playoffs and it's not often that they both make it there.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) after the Bruins epic collapse, I'm down to the Celtics and Red Sox. By some measures that means I'll be more productive this week. Unfortunately the Red Sox have their typical 5 hour games planned with the Yankees on Monday and Tuesday.

Let's hope the Celtics can keep me unproductive for quite a bit longer. In the meantime here are some links for the rest of the weekend:

Money Writers:

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Posted on May 16, 2010.

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6 Responses to “Productivity Draining of Sports (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. Baseball season never ends – it just moves to different phases. The “off-season” features a lot of good ball in Latin America, as well arbitration and free agency. :)

  2. Lazy Man says:

    I’ve heard that said about football. I buy into the theory for football, not so much for baseball.

  3. There’s a lot of good football in Latin America during the offseason? I guess you learn something new every day.


  4. Steve says:

    The obvious solution is to renounce the foul Boston teams and embrace the good, pure and true: the Yankees, the Jets, and the Rangers. And, I guess, the Nets, Islanders, Devils and Giants, although I don’t care as much about them.

    I’d like to insert a jab about the Magic over the Celtics here, but I don’t really care that much about the NBA. I guess I’d prefer the Celtics over the Lakers. That might be the only pro-Boston pick I’d make.

    Thanks for the link ;)

  5. mbhunter says:

    Thank you for the link! Glad you liked the post.

  6. flipspiceland says:

    Actually, any activity that ‘drains away production by individuals’ is great for the economy.

    Not so great for a corporation’s p & l. But the bigget ones have been making historic amounts of money.

    The sports fan production system works like this:

    Fan a gets 20 hours of work done in a task that requires 40 hours. So that’s 20 hours of necessary work that doesn’t get done. That in turn leads to the affected corporation hiring, recruiting and training more peeps, reducing the amount of slackers in the economy. They in turn get paid, pay taxes, and pump up the economy.

    Slam dunk, Party on all you organized sports fanatics. It’s patriotic, selfless, and if you would just forget about wearing those Cheesehead hats, and Monster Foam Fingers the cutural and artistic aesthetic would be served as well.

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