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Preparing for Black Friday

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Are you preparing for Black Friday? I used to love getting up at 5AM and freezing my butt off to save a few dollars. My mom and I got her first computer on a Black Friday. I was also closer to 23 back then. Now at 33, my idea of fun seems to have changed. I look for ways to get Black Friday prices without the Black Friday lines.

One way that do that is to keep an eye on FatWallet.com. I found this thread for a Acer 10.1" Netbook $199 at Target Starting 11/22 w/free Neoprene sleeve and actually picked one up. There were three other people there early. The netbook usual retails at around $289, so it's a good savings especially with the free sleeve. I could have gone through more hassle and got the same computer at OfficeMax on Friday for $150, but I expect it to be a zoo as it's the cheapest laptop at any store I know of. It wasn't worth the savings of $40 (assuming the sleeve to be a $10 value). I hear that Target is restocking with the notebooks and that today is the last day of the sale. Perhaps they want to clear inventory for new Intel netbook chips or the ones that are going to run Windows System 7.

Another way that I try to avoid the lines is to shop online. Amazon is having Black Friday all week (wrap your head around that oxymoron). You might not think there are good deals on Amazon, but I see that they have Forgetting Sarah Marshall on DVD for $3.99 (click view Lightning Deals. Note: this deal will only be available for about an hour after I publish this. Don't fret there will be more deals.) I'm keeping my eye on a deal that starts in about two hours as a gift for my wife. It was going to cost me $10 or so, but it looks like it might come in under $4 with the deals that Amazon is putting out there.

In the intersting of helping you out with your Black Friday plans here is a little mini-midweek Black Friday round-up:

Three other great resources are BlackFriday.info, BFAds.net, as well as Fat Wallet's Spreadsheet.

I'm probably going to hit some out of the way store like Radio Shack. They got a deal on a 11.6" Acer netbook ($250) that I think my mother-in-law would like. I want to see if the keyboard and screen is the kind of thing she'll be able to live with.

What are your Black Friday plans. Let me know in the comments.

Posted on November 25, 2009.

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5 Responses to “Preparing for Black Friday”

  1. CreditShout says:

    I just posted a little guide to surviving Black Friday over at- http://creditshout.com/a-guide-to-surviving-black-friday-2009/. I also included a list of store hours since many, if not most stores open extremely early and stay open until midnight which is something to remember if you’re trying to get there right when the store opens.

  2. Sun says:

    I also got the Acer netbook from Target last Sunday. At $199, the price is already hard to beat and you got the free sleeve :)

  3. Lazy Man says:

    Sweet Sun! It’s good to have a back-up laptop just in case, I figure

    I had good fun killing all the bloatware on it. It would be great at the dog park, if there were wifi and if dogs weren’t jumping everywhere.

  4. 33? Let me know how it feels in 11 years.

    Thanks for the link and Happy Black Friday!

  5. Bah humbug :-)

    Why anyone would want to get up early, navigate flu-drenched crowds & traffic jams just to buy stuff they can’t afford is beyond me.

    If you insist on wasting your capital, at least take Lazy Man’s advice and shop online.

    Better yet, ask everyone on your gift list to name a charity and tell them you’ll make a donation in their name.

    Make sure you check the recipient out at http://www.charitynavigator.org/ before sending your check.

    Great post Lazy Man. Enjoy the season!


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