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Peyton Manning Does it Again (And Personal Finance Links)

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As a New England Patriots' fan, I'm used to disappointment coming at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning. Earlier today, Peyton Manning found a new way to disappoint me... well actually my wife. To tell the story, I'll flash back to last night. We were dining at The Vans, On the Hill (a great restaurant... get the prime rib). They have a contest, where they give anyone who can pick 8 winners (out of 8) in the upcoming NFL week, a free dinner. My wife had won 7 games, but lost the 8th, when Peyton Manning and his 4 interceptions at home couldn't beat the Dallas Cowboys in overtime. (I was eliminated by the Raiders upsetting the Chargers in San Deigo.) Thanks Peyton.

While on the topic of football let me get in a couple quick hits before the personal finance links:

  • Apple iTunes Gift Cards 20% off - I'm not a big fan of iTunes, but a 20% seems significant. I thought about buying a couple of sets and using them as gifts throughout the year. Hurry up on this deal as it might be today only.
  • Play the Lottery without Playing the Lottery - Someone directed me to a Mega Millions Simulator this week. While I always knew that playing the lottery wasn't a smart financial decision, it is never more obvious when you can simulate 1000 games and see how much money you would have lost.
  • Boston Movies - There are few very good Boston movies out there. A lot of people liked The Departed (I didn't think it was that great). I really liked The Town that was recently in theaters. However, On Broadway with Boston natives Joey McIntyre, Eliza Dushku, and Mike O'Malley, beats them all in my opinion. My wife thought it was an incredible movie as well.
  • "New Teen Paranormal Romance" - Barnes and Noble had two sections of books in this category. Right beside it was another two sections of books for "Teen Paranormal Romance." I feel bad for teen boys across the nation. It is difficult enough to get a human girl without having to compete with a bunch of fictional paranormal creatures.

Now for the personal finance links:

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2 Responses to “Peyton Manning Does it Again (And Personal Finance Links)”

  1. Hey Lazy Man, thanks for the link man! I’m personally not a football fan but one of my friends lost the football pool because of that game.

  2. Joey says:

    I dont see the Prime Rib on the menu (assumed it’d be on page 3). Will check them out though.

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