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Personal Finance Links (Technology Strikes Back Edition)

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The wife and I decided to take a few days off and see some family. That led to a full day of travel yesterday, checking in our hotel (really a military base inn - much, much cheaper) at 1AM. As we are checking in, I noticed a little note that there might not be electricity from 3AM last night until 4PM today (Sunday). Of course, at that time, we'll be headed out to watch the big game with some friends. Of course, I had used up most of my cellphone battery playing games and listening to music while traveling.

Yet amazingly, I'm posting this from a hotel room with no electricity and no internet access. I brought a netbook with an aftermarket battery that gets about 12 hours of use. I've plugging my cell phone into the USB to charge and set it up as a mobile wifi hot spot. Now I'm using a fairly comfortable keyboard to catch up on any pre-game news and post this.

The point of this story? I'm amazed that I can communicate with potentially billions of people and publish what is essentially a whole (although electronic) newspaper. Yet, I can't turn on a light switch to take a shower or heat up a bowl of soup. Strange days...

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Posted on February 6, 2011.

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3 Responses to “Personal Finance Links (Technology Strikes Back Edition)”

  1. mike says:

    Never really thought about it, but yes. No electricity around, but you can communicate with the world.

    My friend, that is dumbfounding.

    Enjoy the superbowl, I’ll be playing pingpong with the kiddies.

  2. So, what you’re saying is that battery operated showers could be the next multibillion dollar idea? Because that’s what I’m hearing.

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