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Personal Finance Links (Super Sunday Edition)

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Today, I'm focused on three thoughts.

  • In a few hours, I'll probably be partaking of more calories in one meal than I should have in a whole day... or two days. Many of you will probably do the same.
  • Having spent some 90%+ of my life in Boston, I'm a New England Patriots fan. As a New England Patriots fan, my heart is with New Orleans. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? It's not too hard to root for them. Having been a Red Sox fan for some time, I understand a bit what New Orleans fans are going through. Add to that, what they've been through the last 5+ years and I'm one of the least conflicted fans around.
  • However, my head says that the Colts will likely win today. The team is so talented that they really only need to put together 10 minutes of solid playing time to put up 21 to 24 points. Then again I guess New Orleans can do that as well. Still, I'm not one to bet against Manning. My prediction is that the Colts win 38-31.

Here are the some personal finance links for this weekend:

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Posted on February 7, 2010.

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One Response to “Personal Finance Links (Super Sunday Edition)”

  1. michele says:

    Well you were half right. Saints did score 31 points. Everyone who bet on the spread is probably smacking their heads about now though.

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