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Personal Finance Links (Red Sox, iPods, or MLB Umpires)

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This was a pretty bad week for on several fronts. My treasured Red Sox played horribly in just about all areas of the game, earning themselves some extra vacation time (and I thought I was Lazy). The Major League Baseball umpires missed numerous calls including three tags in the first Red Sox game (the Red Sox can't even blame the loss on this as it didn't matter too much). If were a Twins fan now, I'd still be upset at Joe Mauer's clear double that was called foul, which had a huge impact in the game.

Lastly, I bought my wife a new refurbished 16GB iPod Touch as a surprise for her recent promotion to Commander. (I couldn't be more proud.) For our trip to Aruba, I loaded it up with her music and pitchers. She didn't end up using it too much since we always had other things to do. On the way home she showed the person next to her on the plane some of the pictures and turned it off as we took off to return home. It hasn't turned back on since. I've hard reset it and reinstalled iTunes numerous times as the support pages suggest. Finally, I took it to the Apple Store. The person there said they never saw anything like it and booked me to see a "genius." We'll see how that goes in a couple of hours...

Finally there's Pottery Barn... well they deserve their own article. For now here are some links.

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9 Responses to “Personal Finance Links (Red Sox, iPods, or MLB Umpires)”

  1. Thanks for including my post! I appreciate it.

    Sorry about your BoSox. My Chi Sox didn’t come close to a playoff run, so looks like I’m stuck with cheering for any team playing the Yankees! =)

  2. Yeah, I’m not happy with some of the calls against the Rockies, either. But you know what I say … a bad game of baseball is better than a good game of [insert sport here]

    I’ll also throw my weight behind the “any team playing the Yankees”.

  3. Banker says:

    a post season like this and can instant replay be far off?

    As for the “Genius Bar”, those guys are great. I am sure they will be able to help. Great Site.

  4. thisisbeth says:

    As a Twins fan, I’m really glad I was out of town all weekend, away from media…sounds like umpiring was bad all over. It is, alas, part of the game. I don’t mind close calls being botched here and there, but it sounds like some botched calls this weekend weren’t close…

    I really like your round-up links–thanks for reading all these blogs I don’t have time to (although I wish I did!) and posting the best of them!

  5. Then there’s the whole can of worms about umps each having their own strike zone – which may be higher, lower, bigger, smaller than defined in the rule book.

    Can you imagine an NFL official being know for requiring a “short 10 yards” or a “long 10 yards” for a first down? :)

  6. jim says:

    I think you meant you couldn’t be more proud… :)

  7. Lazy Man says:

    And corrected… Thanks Jim!

  8. J. Money says:

    Thanks for the lovin’ my good man! Oh, and for the link too.

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