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Personal Finance Links (Peter King Edition)

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In honor of one of my favorite football writers, Peter King, running a half marathon, I am going to steal two small bits of from his Monday Morning Quarterback column.

Stat of the Week

Somewhere between 20 and 25 Dallas Cowboy football players managed to spend $54,896 on dinner recently. That's around $2,500 per person - on average. I know they are big guys who can eat a lot, but that's equal to eating fifty $50 dinners. I'm sure there's some expensive wine in there, but I can't even that scene.

Factoid of the Week That May Interest Only Me

I have to give credit to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe for this baseball insight a few days ago:

"Marco Scutaro [of the Boston Red Sox] has a .721 OPS and will have to fight off Jed Lowrie in spring training. Derek Jeter [of the New York Yankees] has a .707 OPS and he'll probably get a $60 million contract or whatever."

For those who don't follow baseball, OPS (on-base percentage, plus slugging percentage), is considered by most fans a very accurate measure of a player's offensive performance (higher is better).

Travel Note of the Week

I got held up in line to go through security in Aruba on the way back to the states. A person in front of me set off the metal detector. He couldn't figure out what it was at first. The security people noticed it watch and suggested that he take it off. Beep! He went back this time took off his belt thinking it must be the buckle. Beep! Third try is a charm? This time he took off his necklace. Beep! Finally he realized it was his cigar tin in his shirt pocket. In the confusion he forgot to pick up his suit, so he had to be tracked down by security.

At the gate, I was in line to get some food. I heard a man and woman discuss the optimal pastry to order for 10 minutes (it was a slow line). When I got my food, I turned around to find it was the metal detector guy and his wife. As we were boarding the plane, I heard him say to his wife, "I think I'm on some kind of watch list."

As the place landed, the flight attendant wished us all a great day... but also took time to announce, "Mr. Bird please don't forget your suit."

Mr. Bird, you are a walking sitcom.

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2 Responses to “Personal Finance Links (Peter King Edition)”

  1. But Jeter is a “true Yankee”! Handsome, confident, a winner and he plays the game the right way! You can’t put a price on that!

    /drowning in my own sarcasm over a guy who should have been moved to third base years ago

  2. Hey, you should be doing everything in your power to urge the Yankees to lock up Jeter to an expensive long-term deal. More money to him means less to spend to attract and retain good players.

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