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Personal Finance Links (Opening Day Edition)

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For all those celebrating Easter today, enjoy! However, after a few months of following minimal sports since the end of the football season, I'm focusing on the start of the 2010 baseball season. The big game for me of course is the Red Sox-Yankees game tonight. As an appetizer, I'm watching the Celtics do their best to blow a 22 point lead against the Cavaliers.

While I'm focusing on the games here are some tips on how to save money at baseball games. If that's not your thing, here are some other articles that I liked this week:

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2 Responses to “Personal Finance Links (Opening Day Edition)”

  1. J. Money says:

    Thx for the shout out brotha – here’s to a great baseball season! (although I’m always saddened by my Nats)

  2. @ J. Money – While I don’t think the Nats will make the playoffs this year, I think they’ll increase their win count quite a bit. They made some nice under-the-radar moves in the off-season. No one big splash, just a number of moves that should add a few wins here and there.

    And Strasburg should be up by mid/late May. The Nats are keeping him in the minors to avoid having his free agency (and possibly arbitration) clock from starting.

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