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Personal Finance Links (Financial Movie Edition)

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Last weekend my wife and I watched to movies related to finance - almost by accident. I wonder how many people can claim that since financial movies are rare. Even more rare, these were two good financial movies: Wall Street and Capitalism: A Love Story. We got Wall Street through our Netflix queue (in preparation for the sequel coming out later this year). We got Capitalism through RedBox as it was the most interesting thing we saw available. I won't go into detail on them because they are both worth seeing for yourself.

It wasn't my first time seeing Wall Street, but it was the first time I've seen it in years. The previous time I saw it was before I knew how companies and stocks work. I can say that I got a lot more out of it this time around. The only disappointment is that I remembered the "Greed is Good" speech as a great moment in the movie, when it really wasn't that pivotal after all.

I really liked Capitalism: A Love Story as well. I know people have differing views of Michael Moore. Oddly, I don't really have an opinion of him myself, but I find his movies are always entertaining. The movie made a lot of good points about the big bank bailout last year. Criticizing it is like shooting fish in a barrel. One of the highlights of the movie for me was when one underpaid pilot mentioned that she resorted to selling MonaVie out of desperation.

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2 Responses to “Personal Finance Links (Financial Movie Edition)”

  1. I always liked “Trading Places“, it’s dated but good. I also really like “Fight Club”, and it has a personal finance element to it, but it’s a little extreme and very raw…

    Thanks for the mention! :)

  2. Paul Hughes says:

    I’ve been meaning to go rent Capitalism. From the preview and reviews, this seems like a promising movie.

    I think with the economic condition that we’re in and all the bailouts in the recent years, any hope of a financial movie that will be accepted with open arms to the public will be slim. But thanks for the reminder about Capitalism.

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