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Personal Finance Links (Christmas Gifts Edition)

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I thought I'd recount some of the Christmas gifts I received of note. However before I get to that I have to recount the ones I gave. On the positive side, realizing that my wife had Boxing Day off to go shopping turned my numerous gift cards into one of the smartest gifts I could give. On the negative side, bungee cords, not the gift to give your wife, even if you think she could use them in various hobbies of hers. I think the positives outweighed that negative though.

I received, oddly enough for those who know me, mostly books. Of note were The Biggest Loser's Simple Swaps... I always like to see that I can exchange a piece of bacon for a pile of Canadian bacon. I also got the new Malcolm Gladwell book (expect a review in a few months when I get a chance to read it) as well as The Four Hour Workweek a book that I've had on my list for a few years. I got a few Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 8 comic books (the only comic books that I ready). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I got a New England Patriots' Snuggie (well not a real Snuggie since it's not from the company that ones that trademark). I'm now going to be pillar of fashion in my living room... or not.

Here are the links that I thought were worth checking out this week.

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Posted on December 28, 2009.

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One Response to “Personal Finance Links (Christmas Gifts Edition)”

  1. I got two books this year (the newest Grisham and Crichton) to the surprise of absolutely nobody. I typically get at least one book every year. I help people find the best deal. If my wife is buying, I even track down used copies on half.com (since she has no qualms about giving gently used book and I have no qualms about receiving them)

    I got the classic blue snuggie. It’s washed and ready to go.

    Why the hell would you trade bacon for ANYTHING? It’s freaking BACON for crying out loud. Candadian bacon is just glorified ham. Bad trade.

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