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Personal Finance links (Boxing Edition)

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Last weekend, my wife and I did something, well, very different than our typical Saturday. My wife's friend schedule to boxing at a local gym's Fight Night and she asked for our support. I had never had the desire watch boxing live, but put a pair of attractive females in the match, and give me enough string to hang myself with pudding and mud jokes... and I'm in.

I didn't know what to expect, but what I found was quite the experience for me. Regular readers of this site, probably know that my collar is very white... and there's only a tint of blue in it. It felt like the rest of the crowd was just the opposite. That's what I typically refer to as an opportunity to learn... learn how another half lives.

Learning is what I did that night. There were 12 boxing matches set for the night. Each match was 3 rounds of 3 minutes. I found out after the first bout that there would be no winners or losers... no judging of any kind. That was appropriate... each of the boxers were amatuers. You could see in their enthusiasm that this wasn't about boxing at all. It was a celebration of the commitment they've made to put in long hours at the gym... a way to look back on the results of their sweat and tears.

You never know where a display of human triumph can appear. If you get the chance to catch one, I highly recommend it.

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One Response to “Personal Finance links (Boxing Edition)”

  1. Craig/FFB says:

    Sounds like it was an interesting night!

    Thanks for mentioning my saving article.

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