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Perhaps one of the Best Weeks Ever (and a Screaming Deal on a New PC)

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It was Thursday morning around 10AM when I had the thought, "Everything is coming up Lazy Man this week! Maybe things are just going too good?"

Two weeks ago, things hadn't been as good.

We had two feet of snow. Some people get snow days, but the blogging world doesn't stop. I had just started writing for a new blog Be Better Now and wanted to get it going on the right foot. Unfortunately, the snow means that daycare would be cancelled so I'd have to watch two kids, shovel two feet of snow, and somehow try to cobble the time to do double the blogging that I had done for years.

Oh and all this while the most inspiration sporting organization in the last two decades come under attack. The United States had become with the Falcons admitting to illegally pumping noise into the stadium. They admited doing wrong and thus cheating and no one blinked, proving that the nation doesn't care about the integrity of the game... just jealousy over success.

You can mess with a lot of things, but you don't mess with the Patriots. You might as well say that Mother Teresa was promiscuous, because it makes as much sense. By the time I publish this, there will probably be more evidence on Mother Teresa than against the Patiots as media reports are essentially exonerating them.

Sorry, I got off track there.

The week started great with the Super Bowl win. That should be enough for any week to be great.

On Monday, I read about a tremendous deal that Staples has on clearance computers. It's 50% off any PC. I scored a Toshiba C55-B5356 Laptop that's $550 on Amazon for $220 after rebate and taxes. On Black Friday, it was offered for $399. When you can beat Black Friday deals, almost by 50%, it's a screaming deal.

Looks like the low-end computer my wife has been using since 2011 is getting replaced. It's actually a faster processor and more memory than my computer has.

You might be able to still take advantage of this deal. It runs until Feb 14th. Whether you get the deal depends mostly on the stock available at your local Staples store. Unfortunately, you can't do anything online. You have to go and ask them if they clearance PCs... typically they are in the back.

And though this is not related to me in any way, how awesome is it that cast of Saved by the Bell had a reunion on Jimmy Fallon:

It even came complete with Jessie's awesome acting of being "so excited" that I've previously cited on the blog.

I've been blogging for almost 9 years now and I'm not sure I've had a week with a few different things coming together like that.

Last updated on October 13, 2015.

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2 Responses to “Perhaps one of the Best Weeks Ever (and a Screaming Deal on a New PC)”

  1. Evan says:

    Thanks for the heads up at Staples – just sent it to 2 buddies. The thread at SD seems to say that it is whatever is at the particular store’s inventory.

    I know the great Mr. Blank admitted to the wrong doing but I think it is still a lie! GO DIRTY BIRDS

    • Lazy Man says:

      Hopefully, they still have some stock at the store closest to you. There were three computers at my local one. I haven’t checked, but maybe there are a few still there.

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