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Pearl Jam, Giants, and Personal Finance Links

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As usual, I'm going to ad lib a little bit before getting to the personal finance links. If none of the topics in the title are interesting, perhaps it is best to move to the links (or come back later today/tonight when I hope to have a 100% true personal finance article out).

Bridge School Concert - This weekend I went to the annual Bridge School Concert. If you haven't heard of it, you aren't alone. It turns out to be a concert that Neil Young and his wife started to benefit disabled children. Since Neil Young has a lot of connections in the music industry, it's always a star-studded line-up. For instance Saturday's show had: Buffalo Springfield, Pearl Jam, Elvis Costello, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson, Lucinda Williams, Billy Idol, Jackson Browne and David Lindley, Modest Mouse, Grizzly Bear.

I was interested in Pearl Jam and Modest Mouse myself, but figured that there were enough big names there that I'd be more than happy. My expectations were raised when I saw that bands almost exclusively perform accoustically. On the way to concert, I looked up information on a few of the people I didn't know. Turns out that Grizzly Bear had one of the best albums in 2009 according to a number of people. No one I knew heard of them. If I were with Bill Simmons I'm sure he would have give Lucinda Williams and Jackson Browne honorary inclusion in the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars group, despite the fact they don't play sports.

As for the concert itself, it was largely a let down. Though the rain held off most of the night, it was muddy enough in the lawn seats to be uncomfortable. Most every band skipped over the top three songs that you would know them for. I didn't recognize a thing by Modest Mouse and my wife (who sang Veronica and Allison all the way down) was saddened that Elvis Costello sang about another girl. Elvis Costello sang with surprise guest Emmylou Harris, who despite a number of hits, left her voice at home. The result was direct pain to the ears. Fortunately Kris Kristofferson sang Me and Bobby McGee, but the song was half over before you'd recognize the song that became a hit for Janis Joplin. Billy Idol was the only band that rocked the crowd. Even then half the songs were from his Generation X days... so they weren't songs you'd recognize unless you are a particularly big fan.

When Pearl Jam got on stage, we were just about done with 5 hours of drizzle and the Elvis Costello debacle. I said to my wife, the way this night is going, they'll play that car accident song. The year the song came out, my wife lost her fiancee to a car accident, not unlike how it is described in the song. I had always been able to change the radio channel in the past, but there was nothing I could here. My wife doesn't get offended easily, but I can tell you she didn't appreciate people dancing to the song like it was a time to be happy. Pearl Jam followed up the performance with more of their hits such as Nothing Man, Better Man, and ending with Black. I love all three of those songs, but I had never realized how depressing they were. Someone must have messed up and accidentally left off I Got Id on the depress-a-thon set list.

San Francisco Giants - The local team is going to the World Series and the locals couldn't be more excited. Tickets are starting at over a $1000 a game. There is such a buzz with everyone wearing their orange and black (just in time for Halloween). However, there is one thing that leaves me empty. Almost no one cared about the Giants in the previous years I've been here. They didn't care about the Giants at the All-Star break. The Red Sox were just as popular in Boston in the mid-1980s, during years that they weren't competing, and after years of losing as the Giants are to San Francisco when they are in the World Series. It just feels odd.

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4 Responses to “Pearl Jam, Giants, and Personal Finance Links”

  1. I’ve never been a Pearl Jam fan (even though I’m from Seattle, and was deep in the “grunge” seen in the early/mid 90’s. Billy Idol would be cool to see. Jackson Brown is good, but who the hell wants to actually “see” him?

    Funny you mention that about the Giants. Nobody in TX cared about the Rangers until the playoffs.

    Being a Mariners fan, I could care less about either team (or the Red Sox… it’s an AL thing hehe), but I’m rooting for the Rangers.

  2. Michele says:

    In NE Ohio, fans are pretty fair weather. Its all about football here. Even when the Indians were one game away from going to the WS in 2007 we still could not sell out the ballpark. In a very frugal mode I sold all 3 home games of my Yankees playoff tickets which paid for 80% of my season ticket package the following year. I would have had money left over if we actually made it to the WS. Its very hard to be a fan in a ballpark where there are more out of town fans than home team fans. But seems like Boston and NY fans will come to Cleveland, overpay for tickets and still be ahead rather than seeing a game at their home ballpark.

  3. My wife was shocked when she found out that I liked some of Neil Young’s music. Out musical tastes are nearly mutually exclusive – she like heavy metal, I like country, 60s, etc.

    Of course, I was familiar with Young’s work with Crosby, Stills, and Nash and she was familiar with his later work.

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