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Looking for a TV? Get this deal, now! (Today Only!)

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I very rarely write an article about good deals, but today I'm making an exception. (Also, this will give me a little more time to work on the EpiPen article that had been trying to get finished last week.)

Amazon's Deal of the Day is on this LG 55-Inch Curved Smart OLED TV. I'm going to make a case that many people looking for a television should jump on this.

For those who aren't tech junkies, OLED is new television technology that has critics raving that it's the best picture they have ever seen. What makes it so special? It has the ability to turn off pixels completely, so blacks are... well black. It doesn't sound like much, but if you see it in person it can make a big difference. It seems to cause the other colors to "pop."

Back in 2013, an equivalent version of this was $15,000! Today it is $1100. I'm going to let that sink in for a bit.

I've been watching the prices on these and it has never gotten this low. It was around $1300 a few months ago, which was a fantastic price then. It's probably not going to get much cheaper. This seems to be them clearing out the older stock. It might be the last time you can any kind of OLED for ANYWHERE near $1000... as they've moved to even higher end televisions in recent years.

I've been wanting an OLED TV for about 3 years now. A few months ago, I wrote about how I'm starting an OLED TV fund. Today that fund has around $200. Hmmm...

There are some caveats to consider. First, it's "only" 55 inches. Second, it's 1080p, not 4K. Those are probably deal-breakers for some people. However, because the television picture itself is "smaller", you might not be able to tell it's not 4K... especially if you are sitting far enough away. Also, this television is curved. I've been reading that the curve is so subtle that you don't notice it. It's worth reading the reviews if that's a concern of yours.

The OLED television I had my eyes on was 65-inches and 4K. That television is $3000. This one is $1100. Is it worth the sacrifice to save $1900? Let me know in the comments.

Naturally, by "Deal of the Day", the deal is for today only. This is perfect timing for showing off to your friends who come by to watch football games on Sunday, right? Tell them to bring the pizza and beer and you might even save money with this deal. (Okay, maybe that last one is a stretch.)

Last updated on August 30, 2016.

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3 Responses to “Looking for a TV? Get this deal, now! (Today Only!)”

  1. Joe says:

    You can’t avoid lifestyle inflation. :)
    We still have a 720p LCD. I can’t buy a new one until this one quits working. :(

    • Lazy Man says:

      That’s another reason why I’m probably not going to jump on this one. I do have 1080P, but it was the cheapest Wal-Mart brand in 2010.

      This is also why I started a discretionary fund specifically for this one item. I don’t have a lot of lifestyle inflation in my life. In fact, I’m often so frugal that it becomes difficult for me to make a case to spend money.

  2. […] didn't plan to write this article today. I had hoped to write about EpiPens as I mentioned a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, once again, life intervened, so I'm pivoting to an article that is easier to […]

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