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Net Worth Update – January 2007

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Another month is over and that means it's time for another net worth update. Like last month, the bottom line doesn't look too good. I'm up to $184,349.19 a gain of 1.4%. The biggest gain was in my standard checking account. I have yet to contribute to my 2006 Roth IRA, so the money is just waiting to be moved. I saw a little gain in retirement accounts due largely to stock market gains.

I could have more than doubled that 1.4% to 3%, but Zillow has once again said that my rental property has lost value - over $3000 worth of value. Zillow is generally pretty right when I look at similar properties, so I continue to use it as a guide. Like most other peoples' real estate it's hard to put an exact value on this property, so this estimation is good enough for me. It was just last July that Zillow had my property over $10K more than it was today. Since it's about 1/3 of my net worth, a $10K loss really sets me back. In the long term, I'm comfortable with the property and it will make Energi Gal and I money within the next 3-4 years at which time we'll probably look to move back into it.

Last updated on January 16, 2007.

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