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Net Worth Update – August edition

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It's a little earlier than I usually do my net worth update. After the late one last month, I figured I'd get this one out now. There's lots of good news in the Lazy Man's accounts this month. Last Month I was concerned that my net worth was going in the wrong direction. It's not that I wasn't saving, but the stock market downturn was eating up a lot of my gains.

So I'm to where I was in April and making up the 6K that I've lost over the last 4 months. I think my experiment in maxing out my 401k has helped the short term bottom line. Instead of having the government take the money in taxes, it fills my 401k and I'll pay taxes on it years from now. And to make sure that the 401K stays healthy I rebalanced it today focusing a little more on large cap stocks which seem to have better P/E ratios than the smaller stocks recently.

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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