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My Financial Week in Review #7

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Here's an update on my finances over the last week.

  • Energi Gal and I dropped our taxes off two weeks ago.  They were excessively complex due to the move across country and both of us being landlords.  I've got a feeling that H&R Block is going to ask for $5 million just to prepare the taxes.
  • The $1000 that I transfered to pay towards my HELOC finally got there today.
  • I've been getting the run around at Discover for my 0% balance transfer.  Because I have Vonage from when I was in Boston, the phone number doesn't resolve to my address - a red flag in their system.  For whatever reason, my small company's address doesn't match with Discover's computer - a second red flag.  Thus far, I've had two calls and waited 20 minutes before giving up on the third try.  I'll try again in a few hours.  I'm almost ready to give up and go with Citibank.

That's about all for this week.  I've been taking it easy.  I'm trying to reduce the time, I think about finances to kick back and have a little non-bloggery fun.

Posted on February 23, 2007.

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