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My Financial Week in Review #10

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I almost forgot to get this in today. Here are some updates:

- I've been fighting with Discover to get my Credit Card Arbitrage experiment going. It turns out that my company's phone number doesn't match their system. To further complicate things, bringing my Vonage phone number across company has created some complications. Although I changed my address with Vonage, my number is still an east coast one and thus doesn't match to my west coast address. I ended up having to fax them a pay stub, but they took no action on it for a week. Finally yesterday, I called to get the status and they are going to look at it again now. All-in-all this is not the 30 second process that others say it is. Keep in mind that I haven't even tried the balance transfer part of the experiment.

- I continue to lend at Prosper, and I'm learning many, many things and getting better and better. For those that are interested, I'll be going into detail about this next week. For those that are not interested, I hope you'll read anyway. There will likely be some principles that will be helpful in other areas.

- As for my new business, the baseball game, I've been largely in the planning stages this week. I haven't done any coding this week, which is a little depressing. This weekend has been more hectic than previous weeks, so I'm not surprised. My time isn't going to get more plentiful as I'm hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance on Monday. I don't think my computer will enjoy opening 75+ links at a time in my Firefox to read through the submissions.

- This weekend, I'm going to focus on not spending any money. I have a lot of cleaning to do around the house, so that should keep me busy and productive. There's also some great weather here in northern California, so I might see if I can get outside. Two great things about fresh air: it's free and healthy.

Posted on March 16, 2007.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more… about the weather anyway… Do you golf?

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