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My Financial Week in Review #1

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I've decided to do another series looking back in the last week and what I've done financially.  The hope for me is that it's going to motivate me to do something every week.  This is will allow a small glimpse into my day-to-day financial thoughts.

  • Watched CNBC as I got ready for work.  I do this quite often.  Usually I don't pick up a whole lot that's useful, but noted a huge drop in oil prices this week
  • When I went to fill up gas tank, I only filled up half-way while I wait for the oil price drop to work it's way into the market.  I thought it was still a little expensive compared to the price per barrel of even last week.
  • At the beginning of the week I cursed out Prosper.com for not being able to verify my loans for close to a month.  Around mid-week, I got three e-mails that key information for three of the loans couldn't be verified.  It took a month to figure this out and now I have to start over again.
  • On the Prosper front 5 of those loans went through, so at least I'm not pending purgatory.
  • I procrastinate moving forward for the Roth IRA.  It occurs to me that I don't remember if my contribution last year was for tax year 2005 or 2006.  I believe it was 2005 as I've been a year behind.  I need to get to the beginning of the year.  I sent TD Ameritrade an e-mail to see if they have the record.  It was easier that pouring through my files -- organization isn't my strong point.
  • I look into my bank account and there's not much wiggle room if I write that $4000 check for my Roth IRA.  By early next week, with the next paycheck, I should be fine.

Posted on January 12, 2007.

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  1. […] Like last week, I continue to procrastinate with writing the check for my Roth IRA. I think it’s just that I have to use the office computer for a printer (yes I’m an engineer that can’t set up printer sharing). Of course going to that computer and logging into a website to print it out AND snail mail it out is far too much work for me (now you see where I get my name). Perhaps there’s some time this weekend. […]

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