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My Favorite Last Minute Gifts

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Similar to last year's post, I still believe that Amazon gift cards are one of the best last minute gifts. If you've been out shopping today, you probably agree with me. The beauty of an Amazon gift card is that Amazon has nearly everything you can imagine. That's why I used it as a wedding registry when everyone else was using Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

This year I'd like to add Ebay gift cards to the Lazy Man Hall of Fame of last minute gifts. My sister-in-law got me one last year and it was great. Like Amazon, it can be used for almost anything. I think it might be better than Amazon. It gives the receiver a chance to be frugal and get a coupe of second hand things instead of just one shiny one. Of course you can buy plenty of new items on Ebay as well.

The other advantage to these gifts is that you can determine the value at the last minute as well. Rather than explain why you'd want to do this, allow me to use a scene from one of my favorite new television shows, The Big Bang Theory. A little background is necessary. Sheldon's character is extremely analytical in nature and subscribes to the notion that gifts of equal value should be exchanged. Penny's unexpected gift was something that Sheldon hadn't planned on. Hilarity ensues.

As you can see, it wouldn't have been as funny if Sheldon just went in the other room and fired off an order for an Amazon gift card or Ebay gift card.

Posted on December 24, 2008.

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5 Responses to “My Favorite Last Minute Gifts”

  1. Studenomist says:

    What can I say gift cards are all that I usually give. I go to the store that I know the person shops at a lot and give them a gift card to that store. For example, my Dad drinks Tim Horton’s (Canadian coffee shop for you Americans) coffee every single day. So today I purchased him a gift card with a lot of money on it, mainly because today is also his birthday. This gift is ideal because he hates carrying change around, so now all he has to do is swipe his card to get a cup of coffee. Merry Christmas Lazy Man!

  2. Michele says:

    Just be sure that the person you are giving the ebay and Amazon gift cards to actually has access to the internet.

  3. I didn’t know eBay had gift cards. I gave Amazon gift cards to two of my people. I purchased then with points from a program to which I belong – even better! Merry Christmas!

  4. I saw eBay gift cards at Publix, our supermarket. I noticed that they have to be used within 3 months from activation date.

    I give my own “gift certificates for 3 hours of my precious time”. Since I earn on average $100 per hour, I honestly :-) can write down “value = $300” :-) And since I am an event entertainer and otherwise handy person in many different ways (LOL), it gives my recipients a handful of choices how they “can use those 3 hours of my time.”

  5. kosmo says:

    I’m a frugal receiver. I tell my wife to get books/CDs that I want from half.com. Seriously, why should people pay $20 for a book that they can get for $6? I’ve rarely had abt problems with the condition of books (and only once had a problem with CDs, which half.com resolved for me), and in any case, I like books for the words, not the cover :)

    I should start keeping track of how often I receive books for Christmas. I’d have to guess at least 5 of the last 7 years.

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