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Moving to San Francisco?

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Up until about a week ago, it had never crossed my mind that I might ever live outside of the Boston suburbs. It's funny how the best laid plans sometimes turn. My fiancee is a finalist in getting a huge promotion - one that would make her working life incredibly better. I may have a connection to get a promotion as well. After all, San Francisco is largely the technology center of the US.

One thing that gets me is that we are both home owners in the area. With the falling market for selling, it doesn't really make sense to sell. We also both have low interest rates on our places - locked in for 30 years. Buying out in San Francisco is not something we are entertaining. It's just far too overvalued. Also, because we'd like to come back in a couple of years, renting is just the much better option. The rental market is also looking favorable.

One key thing to consider is the cost of relocation. This calculator at
CNN Money says that I'm going to need to make 25% more than I currently do. It also says that health care and transportation is going to cost me 15% more on average, but for our situation, it will actually be a savings. We may be able to rent without losing too much, but I think it will be a loss.

Of course this is all anticipation. There are a lot of things that need to fall in place tomorrow evening when we find out if she got the job or not.

Last updated on December 14, 2006.

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