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Morning Links: Lazy Man and Fast Money Edition

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I'm putting myself on assignment today. I've got tickets to see a taping of Fast Money on CNBC. This is exactly the thing that I couldn't do if I were working full time. Hopefully all will go well and I'll be back next week with an interesting article. I've got another article coming out shortly, I've got some links for you to catch up with:

  • Christian Personal Finance has bought a wedding ring from Amazon.com. I bought an engagement ring online as well, but I found out how I can get a better value for my dollar. I estimate that I saved at least 30%, which for a big purchase, is a significantly big deal.
  • Financial Fitness says your better half must know personal finance. I keep trying to get my wife interested in learning about money, but she repeated runs away from the conversation. It reminds me of when I try to get her to play badminton. I'm fairly good at it and she's at the beginner level. I can't get her to play badminton for the life of me.  She probably feels inferior rather than taking as an opportunity to get better.  I believe it's got to be something like that with learning about personal finance, but for now it works for us.

Posted on October 19, 2007.

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  1. Laura says:

    Oprah’s story yesterday about a woman who ran up 100,000 in debt was insane. The fact that she didn’t tell her husband was ridiculous. On top of that, they can’t afford health insurance for their 6 kids? Wow. No words for that.

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