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Monthly Review – January Edition

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January Blog Review...

Top Articles
Here are the top articles I wrote, voted on by... me.

Top Referring Blogs

Here are the top blogs that referred traffic to me in January.
1. The Simple Dollar
2. My Money Blog
3. The Digerati Life
4. Generation X Finance
5. Performancing's Best Money blog contest for 2007
6. No Credit Needed
7. PFBlogs.org Aggregator
8. Free Money Finance
9. Five Cent Nickel
10. Mighty Bargain Hunter

Top Advertisers
I like to give a little thanks to advertisers when I can. They make this site possible. I would like to remind everyone that I do not necessarily endorse the product(s) offered by the advertisers.

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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Monthly Review

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4 Responses to “Monthly Review – January Edition”

  1. Congrats on pulling bronze for the blogging award! This is my first time checking out your site (i’m a newbie), and it’s pretty tight.

    I only hope to be one of those top 10 referring blogs in the near future. A guy’s gotta start somewhere, right? Congrats again.

  2. dountoothers says:

    What is with the reverse funnel stuff?

    “I would like to remind everyone that I do not necessarily endorse the product(s) offered by the advertisers.”

    I think I know where you are going. I understand you wanting to monitize your blog, but this particular nod to a scam site is a bit obnoxious.


  3. Lazy Man says:

    I haven’t the time or desire to investigate the “reverse funnel stuff” in detail. I know that it’s topical, i.e. finance-related. In general, I don’t vet advertisers. I believe that my readers understand what financial choices are good and bad for them. I would even take it a step further and say that it would hypocritical of me to write about saving money and making money and then passing up advertising because I don’t understand it enough.

  4. Give Me Blog says:

    Lazy, nice way to look at it. selling ads is selling ads, not endorsing products.

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