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When Money Creates Unexpected Problems

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The last few weeks have been interesting. I've seen money problems from two very opposite views. I apologize in advance if this article is a little nebulous, but it hits a little close to home.

In one case it is the very typical money problem that most people have... not having enough of it. However, in that situation, money is unfortunately problem 3rd, 10th, or 342nd on the list. In fact, it's easier to talk about money because it is a problem where I can provide guidance. It's the larger intractable problems ahead of money on the list that I can't. Yet, money is still a problem and I wonder if it was a source of those larger problems.

It would be interesting to pull a Mr. Destiny and see what would happen if some of the money issues were solved early on.

Sufficiently confused? Good.

Let's move on to the second situation. This one is even closer to home, because the money problem is with me. Maybe more specifically it is with this blog.

There's a perception of someone who has spent the last years writing about money. It seems like everyone around me thinks I focus my life around money. To some degree, they aren't entirely wrong.

However, if you just met me and didn't know I write this blog, you probably wouldn't have that perception. I'm really not into money as much as it may seem. I'm into the thing that money buys: love freedom. Money buys a roof over my head and Sookie Stackhouse on my TV. It buys someone cleaning my bathroom, which undoubtedly helps me avoid some unpleasant discussions with my wife.

It also buys me the freedom to look at a potential loss of a thousand dollars and say, "Hey don't worry about it." I said that a few hours ago and I'm hoping that the person close to me reads this and understands that it is really how I feel despite a perception that I'm focused on money.

Posted on June 30, 2014.

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6 Responses to “When Money Creates Unexpected Problems”

  1. phr3dly says:

    I’ve had this same experience. Years ago, $100 was a big deal. Over the years, as zeroes have gotten added to the NW, the “no big deal” number has hit 4 figures, and even 5.

    The problem is that the same is not true for many of our friends and relatives. And it tends to be a bit of a ‘foot in mouth’ situation when we inadvertently trivialize sums of money that would be a big deal to whomever else is in the room.

    • Lazy Man says:

      I didn’t even think of that in the conversation. Fortunately, the other person I was talking to could probably make the same “no big deal” claim.

  2. Pam says:

    I’ve been in both places you mention, not enough, and comfortable. I like that you mention the main motivation of money as “freedom.” With rising taxes, food, gas, etc., we have to work a bit harder on keeping our freedom. The information you give on your blog certainly helps. (creating a spending plan sure helps). On another note….
    As luck would have it, we locked our keys in our car yesterday, and had to call a cab. I had such fun regaling my husband about your Uber article. Hopefully we won’t forget our keys again, but if we do, Uber might just get a call from us …. thanks to you.

  3. Robyn Weinbaum says:

    when you are barely scraping by, everything is a catastrophe. locking your keys in the car means a coat hanger, kind police officer, or tears because there is no $75 for a locksmith or roundtrip cab to get extra keys.
    when all income streams go south at the same time it is bleak.

  4. Marie says:

    Speaking about money, my main motivation too of it as freedom. Everyone thinks they will be free when they have money yet some unexpected problems may occur because of money too. Yet, if we are wise enough in saving and budgeting we can get through with freedom. :)

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