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MonaVie Employee Calls Me an “Annoying Douche”

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If you've been a regular reader over the last month you probably know that MonaVie is threatening to sue me to hopes of preventing you from reading my article where I asked if MonaVie is a Scam. (It's really the information in the 3000 comments that they don't want you to read.)

The threat of threat of law suit lead Tracy of Fraud Files to do some investigation of MonaVie. She found that MonaVie was editing their own WikiPedia posts to hide the Income Disclosure Statement on their own corporate site. Tracy also points out that Wikipedia doesn't approve when companies edit that kind of objective, factual information out of their own Wikipedia article.

In that Fraud Files post, Tracy notes that the IP address of is registered to MonaVie.. That made me think... has anyone from that IP address ever commented on my site? I should run a quick search to find out.

The answer is yes, someone from within the walls of MonaVie corporate headquarters has commented on my site. Here is what they said (with a link to the source):

Lazy man really is lazy. I can't believe you even waste your time with this. Do you have a real job or do you just sit at home on the computer getting fatter and fatter. My guess - . the fat part. Why waste time bagging on any company that you haven't trie. I haven't tried this but if I had chance to, I am not going to listen to the fat, lazy, sit on computer with no lover Lazy man. You're annoying douche

Don't believe that's a MonaVie employee? Here's a screen grab from my WordPress administration page (click for larger image):

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

There are three lessons to learned here:

  • If you have a company, cherish all criticism as an opportunity. If the criticism is based on unfounded information politely respond to that criticism and explain where the criticism misses the mark. If the criticism is logical, be very, very happy. You just stumbled on something I like to call "feedback." Use it to make your product or your business practices better. Some companies pay a lot of money in the form of focus groups to get this valuable feedback. The wrong way to deal with criticism is to go through litigation to try to get it removed and through name calling..
  • If you are in the business of sending out threatening emails, you may want to educate your employees how the "Intertubes" work. You don't necessarily have to spend time on teaching them the details of IP addresses. Keep it simple and say "Don't use company resources to make yourself look like an immature idiot. Please save for your home computer."
  • It sure seems that MonaVie is a scam.

Please leave any comments on my previous MonaVie post: MonaVie Scam?

Last updated on September 28, 2011.

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