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MLK Day, Football, Berkeley, Jobs, Sheldon-bot, and Ben (and Personal Finance Links)

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How is that an attempt at a random title? Let's dig in...

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - I hope you spend a little time reflecting on yesterday's holiday. I took some time to look back on the past and think about the present. I caught someone who knew him on the news, who said that he'd be very focused on gay rights if he were alive today. I don't doubt it.
  • Football - The biggest disappointment of the week for me was the upset of my team, the Patriots, which were heavily favored vs. what some consider their rival (sorry Jets supporters, the Colts are the Patriots' rivals). I'm feeling good about it today as the Patriots are set with a lot of draft picks. More importantly, with football ending a couple weeks early for me, I will be three times more productive.
  • Berkeley - News is coming out today that the city of Berkeley California is offering an unusual perk for city employees - sex-change operations. Whaaaaaaat? I don't see how/why city money should go towards such a thing. I'm with the city resident that mentioned that her street needs paving. Perhaps someone can explain this to me the comments. (By the way, interesting that San Francisco has had this perk for a decade.)
  • Steve Jobs - If you Follow me on Twitter, I occasionally make jabs at Apple. Most recently, I made a joke about how only Apple can fix something that was broken for years and turning into a big positive press event. The two most recent examples were the Beatles on iTunes and getting the iPhone on Verizon. However, today's news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking medical leave again is extremely disappointing. I look back when my wife saw him at a local restaurant. She said she wouldn't be surprised if he didn't survive the weekend. He did not look good.
  • Sheldon-bot becomes a reality - For those who watch the Big Bang Theory, you may remember this episode:

    Sheldon, one of the main characters decided the world presented too much potential danger. His solution was to create a robot to navigate the world for him. He communicates with people via the robot. Turns out this technology exists today. I caught a story about a child with an immune-deficiency disease who uses a V-Go, which is essentially the same type of robot.

  • Ben from Money Smart Life - I got to meet Ben yesterday as he was in town. Had a great lunch with him and The Digerati Life. Every time I think I have a lot of irons in the fire, I think of Ben. He is a busy, busy guy. Get your sleep man. :-)

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9 Responses to “MLK Day, Football, Berkeley, Jobs, Sheldon-bot, and Ben (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. Ben says:

    Ha Ha, it was nice hanging out with you and meeting your family. Maybe if you weren’t so lazy you’d get more done :)

  2. If you see a sex change operation as a remedy to an existing medical condition (which, admittedly, is not a universal view) then it makes some sense as a covered medical treatment.

    • Lazy Man says:

      The problem is that most people, and perhaps more importantly zero insurance companies (I think), wouldn’t consider it an existing medical condition. It would open up the door to a bunch of plastic surgery that may be considered existing medical conditions wouldn’t it?

  3. MLK – The man stood for equality, but the more I learn about the man, the more I’m discovering that I wouldn’t have agreed with his politics.
    Football – At least your team garnered some respect. My team ended up being mauled by the “Gansters of the Midway”.
    Berkeley – Seriously, you’re surprised by this news?
    Steve Jobs – I hope he gets well soon. I still won’t be buying an ipod, ipad, iphone, or mac.
    Sheldon-bot – Bazinga!

  4. Are you suggesting that Berkeley might be taking a more liberal view on the issue than “most people”. I’m shocked :)

  5. Steve says:

    You know why the Colts are your rivals? You beat them in the postseason once in a while…

    Just saying.

  6. Diva says:

    Lazy Man! Muwah! Thanks for the plug!

  7. J. Money says:

    Thx for the shout out bro. I’m pretty slow here, as you can see ;) Hope you’re still workin’ on that awesome project of yours!

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