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Memorial Day Personal Finance Links

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If you haven't noticed the last few days I've been taking it very easy.

On Friday, I caught up with some good friends that I hadn't seen in months.

Saturday morning the wife, dog and I got some errands done, went to the farmers market and did some things like that . That night we all went to the drive-in to see The Hangover Part 2. (One sentence movie review: It is the same movie as the first, but with the characters in slightly different situations.)

Sunday, I met some of my wife's co-workers for a brunch (they were all much more interesting people than myself). After that my wife, dog, and I went on a 3.25 mile hike a stone's throw from The Digerati Life's house.

To sum up, been getting in a lot of quality time with friends and family. However, today, the goal is switch things up a bit and catch up on a little bit of work. It may be a little unrealistic to announce the winner of the My Second Mohu Leaf Antenna, but if I don't get it out today, the hope is that I get it done before noon Pacific Time tomorrow.

Before we get to the links, let's take a minute and reflect on Memorial Day. Reflecting... ... and we are back. Here are some links to read after you've burger'd all your burgers and dog'd all your dogs.

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