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Media Center Workout (and Personal Finance Links)

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This weekend I got the media server that I recently talked about online. The timing was pretty good. Due to the Celtics and Red Sox putting a hurt on the Magic and Yankess respectively last Tuesday, I had missed the beginning of Glee. I had grudgely mentioned that I watch the show in the past. My wife is a huge fan and though I thought I'd hate it, it's really not that bad. This wasn't an ordinary episode of Glee though. This one was directed by Joss Whedon, who I've talked about numerous times (as one of the world's largest Buffy and Firefly fans).

A few may recall that the Buffy musical episode by Whedon was the critically acclaimed... TV Guide called it the 14th episode of television ever (oddly the The Body didn't make the list - Entertainment Weekly said of that episode "It might be the best hour of television we've ever seen."). So here was a chance for Whedon to up the ante with a cast that can actually sing. For good measure he brought along Neil Patrick Harris whose Barney character on How I Met Your Mother may be one of the top 5 best characters on television today.

I fired up the media center and set the browser to Hulu. It was a very good episode. It wasn't nearly as a good as the Buffy musical, but for a one-episode stand-in, I couldn't expect more. Of course as soon as that was over, we had to flip on the Netflix instant queue and watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog also starring Neil Patrick Harris in a Whedon-directed musical. My wife hadn't seen it, so it was new to her. After that, my wife showed me some of a recent Glee concert that she found on YouTube earlier. The media center got quite the accidental workout.

I'm sure you didn't come here for my commentary on television, so allow me to give you some personal finance links from this last week:

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Posted on May 24, 2010.

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3 Responses to “Media Center Workout (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. Money Beagle says:

    Thanks much for the mention!

  2. I tried to watch Glee (like I tried to watch Lost) but somehow could not get into it. I’m still gravitating towards my crime shows! ;) So glad this season of AI is over. It sucked so bad. :) Sorry can’t say much about sports since I live in a “sport-less” household!

  3. Thanks for including our post!

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