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Maximizing Amazon Prime Day

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[If you are not an Amazon Prime member, there's nothing to see here. Sorry.]

If you missed my post published a couple of hours ago, it's Amazon Prime Day. I was expecting more hype than substance, but I am happy to admit I was wrong.

I just completed some purchases and I am wondering if Amazon is simply going to cancel my order. I can't believe they are going to let me get this good of a deal.

First up, I got 720 for $4.25. For those of you who aren't in the world of baby wipes, this is a tremendous deal. How'd I do it? I used promo code "ELEMENTS60" and Subscribe and Save for 15% off.

The next order was a combination of deals stacked together. I put this Fire HD 7 for $79 in my cart. I would have liked the 16GB version, but it was already sold out.

I then added Amazon gift cards ($45 worth) which came with a $10 Amazon Credit with Promo Code "PRIMEGCS."

With over $100 in purchases in my cart, I was eligible to save $20 using my Amazon credit card with promo code "PRI20ARC."

That's $30 in savings (credit card savings, gift card bonus) to get an already highly discounted Fire HD at $79. (I consider the baby wipes a separate deal because they are Subscribe and Save.) I'll simply apply the gift cards to my account to use on future purchases... like those baby wipes.

Other Prime members, what are you getting?

Posted on July 15, 2015.

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One Response to “Maximizing Amazon Prime Day”

  1. Steve says:

    I also got the wipes, and the gift cards though I had to go for the $75 pack at the time so it’s only a 13% bonus and I don’t have an Amazon credit card. I did not get a Fire. I kept trying to find the “Nikon camera 50% off” but never found it.

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