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Match.com’s Promotion – A Raw Deal?

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Match.com has been running a promotion for a little while now. If you sign up for 6 months and don't find a match, they'll give you six additional months free. What they are really saying here is that if their product doesn't work they'll give you more of it. Imagine how this would work in any other industry...

  • The doctor prescribes you some medicine. It doesn't work, so the company gives you more of it.
  • You go to a restaurant and the service is terrible and they get your order wrong. They offer to get it wrong for you for free the next time you come back.
  • A landscaping crew comes by and tears up your lawn. They offer to do again next for free.

I'm being sarcastic in all these examples. After all, Match.com doesn't really do anything for you on it's own. Your success or failure with Match.com is largely what you make of it. A better promotion that would give me some confidence behind their product is a money back guarantee. Even late night infomercials selling bogus weight-loss pills offer a money back guarantee.

Posted on September 21, 2007.

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16 Responses to “Match.com’s Promotion – A Raw Deal?”

  1. dong says:

    I think for some of the target audience for match, this is perfect. I know a lot of people on Match.com are more interested in casually dating than settling down. So it really depends on what they mean by a match.

  2. Joseph Sangl says:

    I agree – a guarantee that refunds the cash is much stronger. The match.com approach is less so, but when you look at the target audience it might make sense. Relationships take awhile to happen.

    If you don’t like my comment, tell me and I will give you two comments for FREE! :)

  3. Shadox says:

    That’s funny, but not true. There are some things that take time to work – it’s a process, no? Time may be the thing that makes the product work.

  4. I was just on match.com checking out a good friends’ recent dates. I kinda agree with Shadox and Joseph though… It takes a while to know if something has worked in the relationship front. I’d take the deal if I were single and looking.

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  6. They would answer you back that 6 months is not that much to find the perfect love. However, they will be convinced that your perfect match is still online and you just didn’t find it :-) Aaahh marketing, isn’t it just beautiful? There is always an answer!

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  9. Bob T says:

    I just took that deal. If it’s an expense, then you’re right, it’s kind of no good. I’m looking at it as extra time, if necessary, for an investment to pay off.

    It will also mean that after 6 months, if I’m still looking, I won’t start feeling like I have to find somebody before My membership automatically renews ;)

    After a year, worst case scenario, I’ll have had some fun and hopefully learned a bit about myself and be ready to move on.

  10. Don S says:

    Oh and the worst part is that I’ve been using match.com for 6 months and asked if I could get another 6 months for free according to their promotion. They told me that the promotion did not apply to me because I had signed up for 3 months and then renewed for another 3 months. The promotion only applies to those that signed up for 6 months at the beginning. What BS!

  11. llc says:

    they tell you the promo only apllys to 6th month memberships pretty clearly….so i guess thats your bad

  12. Matt says:

    Match.com does indeed work. I have met tons of really great women on this site! The problem is it does take persistence and patience especially if you are a guy. One secret that I have learned is the use of the IM. Todays woman is very busy, she doesnt have time to read 500 emails. If you can catch her on IM and chat with her and she likes who you are you can get more dates this way then any other especially if you are an introvert and dont talk to a lot of people in public. My only complaint about Match.com is their IM doesnt work right half of the time and it is frustrating to say the least. But none the less it does work but it is a process you have to learn to actually meet potential matches just like anything else out there…

  13. Lazy Man says:

    It does work for some, but my point is that their guarantee is to give you more of what isn’t working.

  14. linda says:

    Yes that six month free guarantee match.com advertises is a false advertising scam and they should be stopped. They do not make the criteria obvious.

  15. Suzi says:

    I have used Match off and on for a few years now and met some great guys. The reason this promo CAN work is that new people join all the time. Divorce, death and moving to a new area for a job, etc…life is constantly changing and so is their site with the good, the bad and the ugly!

    • Lazy Man says:

      It’s true that new people are joining all the time, but that must have been happening for the first 6 months. So they just give you more of what wasn’t working. My issue is that they don’t give you your money back.

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