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Living in Australia: Getting Health Insurance

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Ever since I vacationed in Australia in 2008, I've wanted to go back. The idea of going to a Hungry Jack's puts a little hop in my step. For those who don't know, what's known as Burger King in the rest of the world is Hungry Jack's there. It is essentially the exact same thing, but the different name makes it much, much cooler.

Anyway, I only got to see the Syndey area. While I loved it, it would have been great to see the great barrier reef. The wife was disappointed too, but that's just the way things worked out.

The hope is to make that right in a few years. Once the kids are older, we could take a summer off from work and live in Australia for a couple of months. My wife would need to save up all her vacation. I would continue to blog from there. Kids would be out of school. It is actually fairly feasible.

However, to make it all work, I'd have to analyze the costs of living in Australia. I have to admit it is a bit of an overwhelming task as it has taken me 38 years to get used to the costs of living in the United States. I have put a lot of effort into maximizing my money here... knowing the right places to grocery shop and such. I know next to nothing about saving money in Australia.

I say next to nothing, because I have a friend in Australia. He mentioned gave me a few tips on how to get cheap health insurance. Turns out that getting cheap health insurance is fairly universal... the same in Australia as it is in the United States. Step one is to do all the things to be healthy so that you never have to use it.

He also mentioned that the universal medical coverage there, Medicare (not to be confused with the US' version) is one of the best around and that I should start by joining that. That said, there are some things that Medicare does not cover. He encouraged me to also pick up private insurance. Specifically he mentioned having Frank Health Insurance.

There are probably more than a hundred things that I have to figure out before we make the trip. (I should start with making a checklist.) However, at least I have an idea on how to attack one of them. The longest journey begins with a single step, right?

Last updated on February 19, 2015.

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