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Links – Fourth of July & Most Handsome Dog Edition

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Before I get on to the big teaser in the title, let me wish everyone a happy and healthy Fourth of July. I work with a lot of people from England, so it's an interesting dynamic for this particular holiday. As you can imagine they view it slightly differently (and much more negatively) than most Americans do. Perhaps they were just having fun with me... I couldn't tell. It's interesting, but sometimes you are trying to battle Werdna and other times you are Werdna trying to avenge a wrongful death... two sides to every story. (Bonus geek cred. points to those who understand the Werdna reference.)

Most Handsome Dog

Most Handsome Dog

On a personal note, the biggest news I have my dog Jacoby. Jacoby and I have been at odds for some time. I've gone as far as saying that I'm more his chew toy than anything else. Every now and again, we work together. The other day in my nightmare we successfully survived an attack from an Octobird (don't ask). Today, with my wife's great intro and bow tie, he won the Most Handsome Dog in Foster City. As you can tell it tired him out... and he's catching up on his beauty sleep now.

Before I get to the links, I do want to mention something about Steve McNair, the 36 year old former NFL quarterback found dead today. I know that famous people have been dropping like flies lately, but I think Mr. McNair will be a smaller story. It shouldn't be. Steve McNair was always a great and classy player. More often than not he was playing with a dozen injuries... and won despite them. I sometimes wonder how the football world would have changed if not for a foot in the 2000 Super Bowl. It's unfair for me to only give him a footnote in this column - I wish I could say more... and I might in future days.

Now to the links which are a little older. I'll try to bring you to update later this week:

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6 Responses to “Links – Fourth of July & Most Handsome Dog Edition”

  1. kosmo says:

    A bird that has octuplets? Sounds like a great reality show.

    I was stunned to hear about McNair. Even before he got the NFL, he fought an uphill battle, going to college at Alcorn State. Hardly a typical route to NFL success.

  2. Lazy Man says:

    I’m going to let your imagination run wild with the Octobird…

  3. Sadly we focus on the deaths of the “superstars” instead of those that have contributed to life.

    Congrats on your dog winning the reward!!

    Now we can focus on living our lives :)

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for linking to my post! I was trying to figure out how my stats for today jumped so high! Then I saw that I had an incoming link from you. :)

    P.S. If I’m ever lucky enough to be mentioned by you again, just letting you know that you can call me Stephanie, from Graduated Learning.

    Thanks again!

  5. I would love to meet your dog face to face!!! So cute! Oh hey what happened to your comment links!

  6. Ah forget it, i figured it out…. (the links I mean)… duh!!!!!! :)

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